Will Go Pro

Ethan and Ryan went to hit a buckle of balls last weekend. It was so cute to see Ethan's face when he realized he was going out with Dad...ALL BY HIMSELF. My kids are so used to sharing everything. It is high time we allow them to do stuff individually.

My little boy is so cute. Just look at him golfing. I am no golf professional, but I am sure he is really good. Look at that form...he will totally go pro!


Alifinale said...

ok, that is so dang cute. My husband loves golf and can't wait to teach Emery. I saw little play golf clubs at Walmart that were for 3+ and told Brian, he said by then she will need real clubs. Love the pictures, and how fun for him to get some alone time!

Mandee said...

That is so cute. Max LOVES to golf. I told Aaron I am going to sign the both of us up for lessons.

Dad dates are the best! My kids love them more than mom dates.