Ethan has been saying the funniest things. I have a new "Ethanism" every day. I can't wait to hear what he will come up with next. Here are a few of my favorite:

-Ryan, Ethan, Holland and me were in the family room playing games. Ryan & Holland went to the other room and Ethan turns to me and says, "Well, it looks like it is just the two of us."

- Ethan likes to sleep in. Some mornings he sleeps in as late as 10:30. This morning he comes into the kitchen after we have all had breakfast and says, "Sorry, I'm late."

- When Ethan opens a door for me I always tell him what a gentleman he is. In our garage we have a rock that keeps the door open. Ethan told me the rock is a gentleman.

- One of Ethan's favorite movies is Bambi. He has watched it 20 maybe 30 times. He told me the other day that he does not want to hunt deer, he wants to train deer.