Happy Halloween

There have been so many activities leading up to Halloween. We went trick or treating at the shops in Wilmette on Saturday. They are not sure what trick-or-treating means. All they know is Mom is handing them candy so they will keep quiet and stay happy. Ethan loves suckers most...but he will eat any candy really. Holland does not really care. I think should would prefer a sippy cup of milk.

This afternoon was spent with some friends from playgroup. We went "trick or treating" in Glencoe and then came back to my house for some yummy treats. It was a great time. Ethan cried this first half of the outing and Holland cried the second half. We are all tired, so I think we will all take a nap.
Some pix for your viewing pleasure!

We ended the evening with Trick or Treating with Lake or "Yake" as Holland calls him. It was a fun night. After the kiddies went to sleep the adults had a little fun of their own which included sugar cookies, pumpkin pie and a game of SETTLERS!


Music Rocks

My sister has begun running again. That is her above. Isn't she HOT? I am thinking about starting again too. It has been so long for me ... almost 2 years.
Anyway, she is looking for some fun and upbeat songs to listen to while running. You know...the type to get yer butt movin'. And I am always looking for fun songs to listen to while driving in the car. And you never know...maybe I will actually start to run again.
What are your top 5 songs to run/workout/jam to?


Dancing Babies

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
This is my favorite...

My life as a Stripper...

...will have to wait until tomorrow. I know you all want to know about me and my pole dancing ways...

BUT My sister just sent me this . Is it just me, or are these hilarious?


The 4's

May 2006

This is for you, L...

4 jobs...
Stripper ( seriously)

4 places that I have lived...

4 favorite foods...
Hummus & Pita Chips
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
egg mcmuffin from McDonalds

4 favorite music artists ...
Matchbox 20
Gwen Stefani
Billy Joel
Elton John

4 places i'd rather be...
Lanai, Hawaii
St. George, Utah (with my sisters)
The movies
Blogger Party

4 favorite movies...
Sliding Doors
The Holiday
Somewhere in Time

4 favorite books...
Pride & Prejudice
Book of Mormon
Positions of the Day (yoga, duh?)


Decorating Dilemma

Renovations have begun again at the Ray Home! We are ripping out the old carpet, casings, and baseboards upstairs. I need to begin painting this week, but I cannot find a color I like. Should I go neutral? Funky? Some people say my house is too neutral. What to do?

I am looking for a great neutral (beige, brown) for the hall. I would like a pretty, creamy yellow for the twins' room and guest room (future baby's room). I am open to any and all suggestions. Whenever I begin a project on my house I freeze up. I cannot make a decision to save my life. What would you recommend? Post something on your blog if you like.

Below are photos of the 1st floor of my home
(still needs some final decorating, but you get the idea).


Celebrate Good Times, Come on

The weekend started off with a little getaway. We took the train into the city and stayed at a great hotel overlooking the lake. It was in walking distance to everything (movies, restaurant, and Michigan Ave (shopping, people!).

We celebrated our anniversary and Ryan's 33rd birthday. Now that we have 3 events in such a short time (anniversary and 2 birthdays) we tend to squish everything together. I remember one year when we took a cruise for our anniversary AND we went to San Francisco to watch a 49ers game for Ryan's birthday. Those times are long gone. Now our lives are filled with true responsibility - Children. We would not have it any other way!

So, my favorite shopping friend (she coined that term) stayed at my house to watch the twinnies for the night. My kids did not even flinch when we left the house. Holland was obsessed with Miss Dub (she calls her "E"). She loves babies! And Ethan is pretty easy going these days. So we were off to a night alone. YAY!

Yesterday, we celebrated Ryan's birthday. I feel bad that it was a little low-key. Ryan does not seem to mind. We ate dinner and cake with some friends at church and that was that. And who doesn't appreciate a yummy Marzipan Cake form a delicious bakery?

Happy Birthday Ryan!



I love when they share with each other, when they hug & kiss each other, and I LOVE when they hold hands.


Thanks to you...

Thank you Mandee for my cute Notebook. I haven't decided what to write in it. But I almost want to frame it. Maybe I will use it as Wish list? Write cute things my kiddies do? A journal? Don't know...but thanks for thinking of me. You are so sweet.

Thank you Kendee for spending the evening with me and my family. The pix are cute and you are a super cute pregnant girl!


How big is your kid?

(taken Oct 2, 2007)

2 Year Old Stats
Ethan will probaly end up being 6' 5" just a few inches shorter than his dad. He is going to be quite the catch with those BIG blue eyes and tall frame.

Holland is meant to be around 6' tall. I am sorry, but that is huge! Thank goodness she is beautiful otherwise she might look so awkward. I mean, have you ever watched the WNBA? Most of those girls are not cute...


Height: 37 Inches - 95%
Weight: 29 pounds - 50%
Head: 19 Inches - 25 %

Height: 38 Inches - Above 95%
Weight: 32 pounds - Above 95%
Head: 20 inches - Above 95%


Conference Weekend Breakfast Casserole

1980s - Me (with bowl cut) and Kathy

Breakfast Casserole
From the Kitchen of Mozelle Alger

9 slices thin white bread
1lb pork sausage browned
½ lb Old English cheese slices (a must if you want the good taste)
¼ cup melted butter
½ teaspoon dry mustard
½ teaspoon salt
1 pint of half and half
4 eggs

Layer bread, cheese and sausage 2 times.
Pour melted butter, cheese and sausage mixture over bread.

Beat eggs, mustard and salt together; pour half and half in egg mixture, mix. Pour egg mixture over bread, and sausage mixture. Make fresh buttered crumbs in blender to put on top. Let stand in frig overnight covered in tin foil.

Bake 1 hour 350 degrees covered. In 8 ½ x 11 pan



7 Years

Ryan & Rachel
Married September 30th, 2000
So many things have happened in the last 7 years. We have traveled the world, watched a million TV shows together, and survived the 1st year of having twins. I am so lucky to have this man in my life. He never forgets to tell me he loves me. He takes me to amazing places (I will have to tell you about my honeymoon). He rather hang with me than anyone else. He loves to cuddle. He makes me so happy.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Off to our Honeymoon!


Like my new Do?

I was clicking around tonight and came across a cool makeover tool on Instyle.
Just like Jennifer Aniston
A little Nicole Richie

Mrs. Cruise


Nothing like a Fall, Family Activity

Have I ever told you that I LOOOOOVE the Fall? I am so obsessed with anything Fall-Like. This weekend we spend a morning at Didier Farms. The place was chuck full of pumpkins, animals, and yummy food (like pumpkin donuts). The Dubs joined us for our little Excursion. I could not ask for a better little family to hang with.

I think I may have enjoyed it more than my kids. I have included a zillion photos...Enjoy!