6 Months Old

This little beauty makes the whole family smile. She is constantly smiling and socializing with whomever she comes in contact. We love this little one. We love that she loves binkies. She sleeps with at least 6 of them every night.

This pretty thing is so sweet. She loves, I mean LOVES her older brother. No one can get her to laugh like him. She likes to dance. Most days we find her sitting on the floor bouncing around. We can't get enough of her chubby cheeks. Couldn't you just eat them?


My New Life

August 2010

Life is pure chaos these days. But I think I like it.

I am no longer a working mom...but a stay at home mom. Let me tell you, it is so hard to be a working mom. I am not sure why I did it so long. I love staying home with my 4 kids. I don't shower everyday (yuck) and sometimes forget to brush my teeth (double yuck). But I get to be home with my 4 favorite people. I am happy (and a little tired).

Good luck to all those moms out there!


Birthday Boy

We celebrated Ryan's birthday at Didier Farms. Not sure who had more fun...Ryan or H &E. It was a great day for pumpkin picking and pumpkin donuts.


Ballerina Girl

Holland is our little ballerina girl. She usually prances around in her tutu and ballet shoes. Even though she is a head taller then the other girls in her class, she is a perfect ballerina.


The cutest babies in the world

The girls are 5 1/2 months old. They are so stinkin' cute. I seriously can't stop kissing them.





Holland and Ethan turned 5!!! We celebrated 3 times...once with family in Utah, once on their REAL birthday, and at last with their friends.
The friend party was a big deal. Ethan had a "train" party and Holland had a "unicorn" party. The best part was watching the kids try to break open 2 pinatas. Ethan's face is classic (see photo below). H & E felt really special that day. It was lots of fun!


Soccer Boy

Ethan started soccer this year. I am officially a soccer mom! His first game he made five goals. I think Ryan was the proudest dad on the field that day.



Today we took Holland and Ethan to Chuck E Cheese for their birthday. It is by far the best place on earth...except for Dland. We had a great day and like most parents...I can't believe they are five!!!


3 Months Old!

Pretty Girls



Fourth of July Fun

This year we spent the 4th doing what we usually do. Parade in Winnetka, Races, and Glencoe Fireworks at the beach. This year the Thatchers joined us. It was fun for all.
The most memorable part--The little girls first 4th of July. Don't they look sweet in their polka dot outfits? In addition, Tina and I ran in the Winnetka Races. I took last place, I think. It was a sad sight. I ran the 65 yard dash in like 5 minutes. That is how out of shape I am. Ryan got it all on videotape too.
All in all it was a great day!!!


Summer Photoshoot...

This photoshoot was about 6 months ago when it was warm and sunny outside. They turned out pretty stinking cute too. But I am biased because this is my niece and nephew. Enjoy!


26 weeks

Some people say I look big, some say I look small. I think I look just right!


First time on skates...

We took them skating at the park down the street. They are holding on to Dad so tight. It was hilarious to watch them wobble on the ice.