Waiting for Fall

I am home...safe & sound. It only took us all day Monday to get home. But the kids were terrific for both flights.

I missed my house, my friends, my neighborhoods and more importantly MY BED! Since being home, I have been feeling really motivated lately to paint bedrooms, re-organize closets, and decorate my kids' room. I am not sure what it is...maybe it was the week away from all the normality's at home. Maybe it is all the "Fall" decor in the stores. I can't help but having a little extra jump in my step and a bit of laughter in my voice. I sound so Polly Anna today!!! It feels good...
Fall - 2004

I can't stop thinking about my favorite season "Autumn". I can't wait for pumpkin pies, crock pot dinners, leaves on the sidewalk, hot cider, carving pumpkins, new boots & sweaters, kids walking to school....I could go on and on. It is truly my favorite time of the year. It almost makes me sick that I am already wishing it was here.
Don't get me wrong. I love going to the beach, wearing flip flops, and late night slushies. But the feeling of Autumn just won't escape. If only we could go from Fall to Spring and skip Winter (after the holidays of course).
But, I won't rush it. I will savor all the neighborhood BBQs, kids catching fireflies, and CUBS baseball games.


9 Days in Utah

A week ago today, the twins and I ventured to Utah sans Daddy. We flew Jetblue (courtesy of Amber). It was the easiest flight of my life. The kids were so well behaved -- I think the TVs helped too.
Amber met us in Long Beach because we had a connecting flight in San Diego. We were flying "standby" so we had some not so normal flights. We missed our first flight and ended waiting for 6 hours to catch the next flight. Those 6 hours were probably the most fun I have ever had. We spent our time in Old Town and shopping at Target (I would like to visit every Target in the US). The kids were a dream come true during those 6 hours. No tantrums, no whining, no grumpies.

The week of cousin-sitting begins. This is breakfast every morning...

This is what I would see in my rear-view mirror -- 4 sets of eyes looking at me ... or the DVD player...I could never really tell. Car rides weren't too bad. We watch movies while driving around. I think I have listened to "The Incredibles'" like 10 times.

Castle Park

Every Night was Movie Night

Gardner Village
My mom spent a couple days with us. It was nice to have the extra help and spend time with my cute Mom! She also treated us to some delicious fudge. I can always count on mom for that!

When we weren't watching movies or playing we were cleaning.

Hogle Zoo

Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill

Pioneer Day

Nightly Baths

I had a great time being with them all. We did a ton of stuff...but don't let me fool you, I did not do this all by myself. Little Miss Haili was a HUGE help. I kept telling her she would be able to do all of this by herself. I can't believe she is only 11 years old.

We love our little Gonzos. My kids are really going to miss Beezer, Masy Moo, and Haili Boo.

p.s. my first night here I ate Cafe Rio - YUMO!


I am stinky

My husband has been using Tom's of Maine deodorant for months. He changed from his normal deodorant to this organic version, after reading about the connection between aluminum in deodorant and Alzheimer's Disease. I did not notice any changes in his "scent" and thought I should change too. I am all about being health conscious.

So I have made the switch to a nice lavendar version. I have been wearing it for a week now. But I must admit, I am stinky. I smell like a ride at Disneyland. I am not sure what to do. Maybe I have enlarged sweat glands or maybe that is normal when you don't use an Anti-perspirant.

I am a little grossed out.

Now I am sure you are too.

Has anyone else made the switch to Tom's? Am I alone here?

For anyone interested, you can read about the connection here...


Here for a bit

I am staying in SLC this week to watch my sister's kiddies. Amber has left for a vacation to Puerto Rico with her older girls and hubby. I am a little jealous of her sun tanning and pina colada drinking vacation...but she deserves it.

I am happy to be here with all the little ones (4 under 4 and a very helpful 11 year old). It is busy, but the cousins are having a blast together. They love to jump on the tramp, play hide and seek, and laugh together. I have very fond memories of hanging with my cousins when I was little and I am so happy to see enjoy this time too.
I am trying very hard to keep them extra busy in the morning so that they are exhausted by nightfall. So far my plan has worked. We are off for the zoo tomorrow to see some animals. Most likely these events will be followed up by swimming, walks, parks, and bribery and more swimming!


Double Ray Update

I have been a little under the weather the past few days. My blogging has really suffered. I have been too busy with "stuff" to do the things I love. Maybe that is why I am sick...to force me to get some rest.
Anywoo, I thought it would be appropriate to share some info on Double Rays (nickname given to them by Grant). I love to capture all the cute looks and phrases they use. So here are a few that I adore.

He loves his blanket (he says it "dank"). It is an old blue blankie that has seen its fair share of dirt and grime. He loves it so much. He can't go to sleep without it. So, the other day he hit his head on our kitchen table. He was crying (of course) and yelling "dank, dank". I thought he wanted to feel comforted by his blanket, so I found it for him. When I handed it to him he put "dank"on the part of his head he hit. I guess the blanket also heals wounds.

She and Ethan have been fighting a ton lately. They sometimes lie about whether or not they were really hit by the other. It was getting out if control the other day... Holland was telling me a little white lie about Ethan hitting her in the tummy. I said to her, " You're a lyin' to me". (great grammar, I know). She got down on all fours and said "ROAR!"
It was too funny....what a cute little "lion".


The Fourth was Fun

We are still recouping from the holiday weekend. It was a real blast.
Here is the Ray Recap:

The kids were waiting all week to take their flags to the parade.
They are such proud Americans!

patiently waiting for the parade to start

At this angle, I am sure this is what Ryan looks like to the twins.

Winnetka Parade & Races

Neither of them won the race...we will have to practice for next year.
More Beach, Food, and Fun...we spent the afternoon at local beach listening to music and hanging with the Thatchers. It was a bit chilly in the evening, but I was excited to cuddle little Ethan during the fireworks.

Independence Eve

We spent the evening before the 4th at the Taste of Chicago with Tina & Trevor.
It was N-U-T-S!
The crowds were kind of scary. The line for funnel cake was enormous. However, that did not stop Ryan for getting me what I was craving. It was delish too. The fireworks were incredible...all in all it was a fantastic night!