Relaxing in Hawaii

We are home from Hawaii. I cannot believe our 10 days in Hawaii are over. 5 Nights in Lana'i and 5 Nights in Maui was an such a fun vacation. We visited the islands with our good friends - Matt & Sarah Chism.

We swam with dolphins, watched whales breach on the coast of Hawaii, and ate lots of food.


Mystic Tanning?

One day I would like to sell everything and move to Hawaii. Ryan and I have this dream everytime I visit Hawaii. Ryan talks about it all the time. I am not sure how long I could be a beach bum. We leave for Hawaii in a week and I cannot stand it. I already have my bags packed. In preparation, I had a mystic tan at a salon across the street. The mystical thing about the tan is it did not tan the parts of my body I wanted tan...it only tanned my fingers and toes. I looked ridiculous the first couple of days. Now, I look dirty because it is slowly fading. I will probably do it again and HOPE this next time is not as bad. I figure my white body will look better tan than white

Our 1st website

We have had a lot of firsts this past year.

- 1st WEBSITE!!!!
- 1st time to live away from family - I am still adjusting
- 1st time the twins had the flu - throw up x 2
- watching the twins sat/crawled/walked for the first time
- twins said their first word
- 1st time we renovated a home - maybe our last too.
- 1st tornado warning - we ran for the basement when we heard the alarm

There are plenty more firsts, but I cannot remember them all right now. I am so happy to have our own website. I know this is really a blog and not a website, but I like to think so. I will easily be able to keep everyone up to date on our lives. Lucky you, right?