I wanna be a cowgirl...

This girl changes her clothes about 5 times a day. This one was one of my favorites. The face is classic too.



They were a little apprehensive at first, but by the end of the day they were trying to find BIG hills to sled. They are hard to come by in Illinois. But is was a fun, cold day!


My Soccer Star

It was hard to watch Ethan play. I wanted to go in and score a goal from him. He is only 4 years old and I was screaming from the sidelines. Scary.

Ethan's best buddy!

The players and the cheerleaders.


19 weeks

The start of a BIG belly!



Holland is our little artist. She likes to draw ALL the time. She is quite good too! Recently she has been found drawing on chairs and tables. Argh! So, I to her the next time she draws on anything other than paper, she will lose her crayons.

Well, sure enough I found her drawing on her baby doll. I told her I am taking her crayons and markers away for the day. And this was her response... "If you take them away, I can't be an artist anymore!"

Drama queen.
(drawing of grandma and grandpa...scary eyes?)


Little Buddies...

Holland and Ethan spend a lot of time with Quinton. We love this little guy's energy. Last week we got a first flurries of the season. The kids could not wait to go out and play in the snow. Can't see the snow? It was hardly snowing....