We're Twins

We were swimming at the Lifetime pool and I overheard the kids talking to a new friend...
Holland: My name is Holland
Ethan: My name is Ethan
Ethan: We're Three
Holland: We're Twins!


Kisses are dry

Our bedtime routine is short and sweet. I would like to emphasize how sweet...

brush your teeth

go potty

get jammies on

read books/scriptures


kisses and hugs

extra personal story (princesses for Holland and cars/trains for Ethan)

I was turning out the light and Ethan says to me so sweetly, "I need more kisses, the kisses are drying up." I melted. I love that little cutie patootie.



holland 505 color for web

Holland and I were talking about horsies, nail polish, and babies--you know, the important stuff to a 3 year old. She loves anything that is a baby. Baby squirrels, baby ants, baby birds. She turned to me and said, "Mommy, I want a baby. Let's call the doctor for a baby."

I sat there a little stunned. She has no idea how true that is for us. She must have known we recently called our IVF doctor. And we start the drugs, the egg stimulation, and shots this August. Wish us luck!