Weekend in Wisconsin

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We headed to Wisconsin this past weekend for the Coldplay concert and some family time with our favorite friends. The house was in Whitewater on 12 acres. The kids enjoyed jumping on the tramp, swinging, bike riding, hiking, picking flowers, fishing. It was a full and fun weekend.
The coldplay concert was amazing! I love all of their songs...the best part was with the band playing about 3 feet from me. I could almost touch Chris. I have to admit, I was hoping to see Gwenyth, Apple, and Moses...you know all the Martins. Oh well, maybe next time.
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Good Times with Grandpa

Dad came to visit us this weekend. The twins are following his every move. The poor guy can't even finish a meal because H and E just want to play, play, play. We are having a fabulous time. We asked Ethan who is best friend is and he said, "Grandpa".

We had a great Saturday -- We headed to Chicago (Ann Sather) for brunch. We filled up on Cinnamon rolls, Swedish pancakes, and omelettes. We saw Jersey Boys at the Bank of America Theater while Ryan took the kids to Lincoln Park Zoo. Chicago pizza and root beer for dinner. It was a great day!

We wish Grandpa could visit us more often~



Hope is anything but wishful. It is expectation based on experience.

I love this quote. I found it here...


Just the two of us...

These boys really love each other. Ryan has the perfect little boy. Ethan will sit on Ryan's lap for hours and watch golf, tennis, football, soccer, hockey -- you name the sport and Ethan is there to sit with his daddy. For a few weeks now, Ethan has wanted to go fishing. Ryan picked up a few rods for the twins, and we ventured out to a little fishing spot near our house. Holland and I were on a little walk and I came back to see my boys like the photo above.

Back in May, Ryan took Ethan to a Cubbies game. We had been talking to Ethan about it for weeks. He was REALLY pumped up. Before the boys left, Ethan was all smiles. He knew he was going to do something special. They took the train to the game and on the way home, they got ice cream. It was probably the best day of Ethan's life. Days following the game, I would hearing Ethan singing. "Go, Cubbies, Go". He continues to pray for the Cubbies almost everyday. I love it!


Parades, BBQ, and Fireworks -- Oh My!

It was another great 4th of July. This year all of the Ray ran in the Winnetka 75 yard dash. Ethan and Holland ran better than this year. Rachel took 3rd place (out of 4 girls...ha!) and Ryan looked hot while running. We had Kathy with us which made it even better. We love 4th of July in Chicago! It is by far my favorite holiday to celebrate here.