First Snowfall

It snowed yesterday for the first time this season. The kids loved it. Ethan says "snow, snow" every time we go outside. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had family move close to us last year and we spent the day with them yesterday. I can't remember how we are related. I think it is through marriage, removed like 10 times are something. It doesn't matter because family is family!

I get a little choked up each year during the Holidays...I miss my family's holiday traditions. Yesterday was a fun and filling day. I made sure to eat every 5 minutes. I did not want any food to go to waste.

With the snow on the ground and Thanksgiving over, we are officially heading into Christmas. I am playing Christmas music non-stop. The Fall Decorations are coming down this weekend. I will put a tree up this year. I love to have the Christmas Tree Lights on every evening. It makes the house very magical!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


And the winners are...

Here are the winners of Rachel's "Pay it Forward"

I will send my little goodies to you in about a week. Please email me your mailing address to Rayfamily2005@gmail.com. Once you receive your little gift, make sure to "Pay it Forward" to your other blog friends.

I am so happy to Pay it Forward and I hope you enjoy my gifts to you!

I am thankful for absence...

...because it makes the heart grow fonder.

In 4 short weeks we will be with our cousins again. Yay!!!


A week ago today...

Blog Girls
There were 4 girls, 5 kids, 2 quiches, 10 pastries and lots of "girl talk". Over all, if was a successful blog party. Meeting people over the Internet can be fun! This is how we know each other:
I met Mrs. Dub at a playgroup about a year ago and we hit if off. Kendee and I go to the same church and we are buds. Alifinale and Kendee were friends in High School and room mates in collage. Alifinale knows my good friend Mandee who I used to work with about 4 years ago (and originally knew Ryan). It is a small blogland after all.
It was great to have you all over. I realized that in person Alifinale is not only skinny, but super skinny. She is a fun girl and I wish she lived closer so we could hang out more often. It was fun to finally meet you.

Alifinale & Kendee

(did you know Kendee is having a girl in April?)


I want to take TEN!

I raided my kid's Halloween bags and I found this lovely treat. TAKE 5 - Has anyone ever had one of these? It has peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pretzel covered with milk chocolate. That is some good eatin'. The name is kind of lame...but the taste is YUM-O!

I am a little slow on the uptake because they were introduced in 2004. I never bought one because I rarely try new candy bars. I like my TWIX and Snickers way too much to vary at all.

If you have never tried one, I suggest you go to the store right now and get one ... or maybe two or ten because one may not be enough.


It's My Turn to "Pay it Forward"

I have been lucky enough to win TWO
"Pay it Forward" gifts.
Let me tell you, these girls do not disappoint. Thanks COCO for the custom cards, napkin holder, napkins, and Christmas Dishtowel.

Thanks ALIFINALE for a custom Christmas CD and scarf. I seriously scored!
I really appreciate the tribute to Christmas in the gifts I received. I love this season and I am looking forward to all the movies and music. There is a station in Chicago already playing Christmas music...I sneak a listen when I am in the mood.

Did I tell you I met Ali? Such a fantastic girl to know. I will post about it a little later this week.

Back to Business...

What is "Pay it Forward" you ask? Well, I will pick 3 comments from this post and send the 3 winners something homemade or fun from me. Someone started it on their blog way back when. It is a fantastic idea and I can't wait to mail my fun gift to you. So start commenting!!!

I would like to pay it forward to 3 of my readers/friends/family. So please leave me a comment so I can "Pay it Forward" to you. And in your comment leave a little note including a favorite Christmas Song and/or movie. I will consider comments until Friday the 16th.

If you are chosen, you will be contractually obligated to pay it forward via your blog. But it can be whatever you choose...homemade or not. I think I am sending a box of favorite things.

Just do it!