You have got to be kidding me?

Someone left a comment on my sister's blog that I think was totally out of line.
You have to read about it. Go here.
Since when do we begin correcting someones blog? I would never, ever tell someone that they misspelled something or used bad grammar in a blog (because I am sure I do it all the time). It is like like judging some one's journal; something that is written with complete sincerity. It is just not right.
Even if you do notice it...you don't mention it.
I notice that most people who leave rude comments usually do it anonymously. Personally, I think that person is a coward!


Heart Broken

Last night's Bachelorette left me heart broken. I was so in love with Graham Bunn. I also like to refer to him as "Hot Bunns". Honestly, he really disappointed me. I wish he didn't have to go. Who will I stare at for 2 hours on Monday night?
Seriously, I think DeAnna made the right decision. Graham was so strange at times. He would not even talk to her...I don't get it. So, even though I would prefer to have him stayed I am glad she got rid of him because he would have been TROUBLE.
So, who will she pick? I like Jason because he is a cute dad...but I am not sure she has an chemistry with him.
Poor, poor DeAnna.


Random Pix

Botanic Gardens
Weekend BBQ

Front yard

Weekend BBQ

Holland with Sharpley girls - BBQ

Walking home from Art Festival

Weekend BBQ


Impromptu Photos

This weekend was a fun one. We spent a lot of time outdoors. We hung with the Sharpleys, Thatchers, Labrums, and Bryans on Saturday night. During the BBQ at the The Bryan's home we took a little family photo of the Thatchers. This family does not really take a bad photo...made my job easy.


Concert in the Park

(his eyes are really that blue - lucky boy)

My little familia walked to our local park for some music.

I could not help taking lots of pix of my little ones..


Rowleys at Botanic Gardens

Steve and Kendee make cute kids!

Botanic Gardens

With the purchase of my new camera, the amount of photos I take has increased! My memory card can hold something like 2500 photos. I thought that was insane...will I ever take that many photos before I download? Um, yah. I have been a clicking fool.
Earlier this week we headed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens with the Rowleys. I wanted to make sure to get a few shots of Holland, Ethan, and Lake (the twins' best friend). They are our good friends here in Chicago. However, they are leaving us this week...they are moving to San Antonio. The Rowleys are smart to leave these cold winters behind.

My favorite is Steve in the backgroud - DORK!


Potty Playdate

(Holland and L)
We had our little neighbor friend came over for a play date. The twins and sweet L have birthdays that are weeks apart. So, it was fun for them to play with someone their same age. They could almost be triplets!
The funniest thing happen during our play date. Sweet L went to the potty and had a little BM and then Holland went to the potty and had a BM (not little really) of her own.
They both received suckers for their hard work. It was hilarious to see the girls copy each other.

So this is what it looks like to potty train twins. Our bathroom looks like most of the day. Thank goodness Ethan prefers the big toilet and Holland likes the little one. I feel I have some frustrating days ahead of me. Wish us luck!
p.s. BM=bowel movement


Did I mention?

(Rick, Alex, Rachel, Ryan - Canada)
We had lots of fun in Canada. I loved spending time with my BFF, Alex. Ryan enjoyed spending time with his BFF, Rick. We played Canasta Cards until our eyes turned blue. I will never forget Ryan getting mad at Rick telling him "I give up" after instructing Rick how to play the game. Apprarently Rick was not playing how Ryan instructed him.
Are you curious how we are all BFFs?

It all started with me, actually. I met Alex at my church one Sunday in 1998. She was nannying for a family in Draper, Utah. I really could not understand a thing she said because she had an Australian accent. It eventually grew on me and I was able to understand that a jumper (sweater), boot (hood), and nappy (diaper) was. We had a great time while she lived in Utah. We traveled all over together: France, Italy, Amsterdam, Germany, Colorado, California, parts of Southern Utah. We were inseprable. She was and still is my closest friend.
(Ryan, Rachel, Alex, Rick - Australia)
In 2004, Ryan and I visited the Kemps in Perth, Australia for 2 weeks. Alex and I had only kept in touch with emails, letters and the occasional phone call. So this was a true test of our friendship. Would we still be friends? We arrived to her charming home weeks before Christmas. I had never met her husband and I never had a chance to approve/disapprove. But it was a little late now because she had 2 kids with him

During our visit in Australia, Ryan became the best of friends with Rick. They hung out and talked about sports and differences in the US and Australia. I am sure they wanted to prove what country was better. Anyway, they were constantly arguing. I think that must be what their friendship is based on...
(Rick, Alex, Rachel, Ryan - Las Vegas)
Then in 2006, The Kemps visited us in Utah. They traveled more than 24 hours with 2 kids to get to us. We had a great time traveling around Utah and Las Vegas.
That is how we became BBFs! Awwwww, so sweet...
We love the Kempys!


We Love our Daddy

The kids and I walked to Walgreens on Saturday to pick up some cards and candies for Ryan on Father's Day. I told the kids we were going to buy some presents for Daddy. I also told them it was a secret and we cannot tell Daddy. When Ryan walked into the house on Saturday afternoon, the kids were yelling "Presents, Daddy!"
So much for our surprise on Father's Day.

My kids could not have a better father. We love you!


Leaving friends...

We are leaving this beautiful family today. We had a little photo shoot this morning - aren't they gorgeous? We see them about every 2 years....which is defintely not enought. I am a little choked up about leaving (sniff, sniff).


Canada, eh?

I am visiting friends in Canada for a week sans twinnies! We are having the best time with our friends. I miss Holland & Ethan, but from what I hear the twins don't really miss us. They are having tons of fun with their Auntie and cousins.


Tired Princess

She is the little princess of the house. She loves to twirl. She loves when I do her make-up. I took this photo a couple weeks ago. She wanted to wear a dress, so I put on her tutu instead. She loved it so much she didn't want to take it off before her nap. She is a true little girl. I love it!