Twinnies Turn Two!

Two years ago today I gave birth to my precious Ethan & Holland. I love them dearly and cannot imagine my life without them.


Lambs Farm Family Outing

We took the kids to Lambs Farm last week. I get a little nervous around goats because I am afraid they will eat my clothes. However, the kids loved it. The kids were happy to see some baaas and moos (sheep & cows) too.


I am blessed.

More photos of my little ones.

I am feeling a little sentimental today. I am so grateful for my healthy children. I am so grateful to be a mom. I am so greatful for my children's unexpected kisses, their big hugs, and their cute words. I must add some of my favorite words to hear:

Holland: The papa, The mimi (those are the names for my parents), The mama, The daddy....she adds "THE" to everything.

Ethan says everything with an Italian accent: Ma'ma, Pa'pa, Mi'mi, Da'da,Bye'Bye, Tur'tle...where does he pick this up?
I am so blessed.


My kids love, NO, obsess over the cartoon, "Backyardigans" . Like any good mother, I let them watch an episode a day. Or two or three. It is so cute to watch them dance and sing along. One of the best things we have learned from watching "Backyardigans" is a little cowboy dance. Take a look at Holland...



I had so much fun with this girl -- Mandee Grant. She is classic. You should all want to be friends with her. We met up while I was in Utah. We have a short history together, and she is one of my favorite people ever. Come read about our history and visit. I can't quite express it as well as she did. I "ditto" everything she said. Read about it here.


Homestead Tradition Lives On

Every year Ryan's family heads up to cute, litte Midway, UT and stays at Homestead Resort. I love traditions, so this has become a RAY family tradition too. We have been going together for 8 years.
I love shopping all day Friday at the Park City Outlets and Swiss Days. My favorite part of Homestead is eating lots of junk food and playing games. Although we did not play any games because we were all so tired. The kids were sick at night and I have a hard time sleeping when they are in the same room with us. I am pretty sure I spent one night on the floor in the living room. All in all it was a fun little getaway.

Ryan golfed an insane amount while he was there...something like 324 holes in 3 days. Amber (sister) and I always hate the golf tradition and we complain about it every year.

However, I think I have finally come to grips on it.

Here are some photos of the fun trip....

Feeding ducks with Grandma

Daddy goes golfing

Happy at Homestead

The whole family

Michael, Haili, and Brandon

Water Babies

The Boys

The girls

sweet Ethan

Mason, Holland, and Beezer
The Best Photo.....
Napolean & Pedro


My Red Carpet Synopsis

I watched some of the E on the RED CARPET tonight. I realized a couple things:

Kate Walsh had a ratty hairball on the side of her face.

Some of my favorite gowns were worn by Ali Larter,Debra Messing, and Minnie Driver...loved them.

Guliana Rancic is super skinny ( I had no idea she married the first Apprentice, Bill...HELLO, where have I been?)

Kristin from E's Watch with Kristin was so cute and funny. I love her interviewing style.

Mary Louise Parker annoyed me. She was a complete bore while Guliana interviewed her. It was really uncomfortable to watch. Part of me wondered if she was on drugs? Her new show is dumb too (Weeds). I watched the first episode and it grossed me out.

Katherine Heigl is really cool. Guliana Rancic interviewed her and she seemed pretty normal. I like normal...

Eva Longoria and Ryan Seacrest are friends. I like when they talk to each other at these events. I find comfort in their friendship.

And yes, I have I really put that much time and thought into the Celebrities and the Emmys?


I laugh when I am with you gals

HOPS in Jackson Hole
I laugh all the time when I am with these girls


Is this bad?

I bought this yesterday. It is a cute little monkey backpack (and harness). Can I really put a leash on my kid? Isn't that against some sort of law?

I think I may have to return it....


You are a great mom

Twins at Homestead - Midway, Ut

I flew home yesterday with Holland and Ethan. Holland was armed with her binkie and blankie and slept half the trip. Ethan was a little busier than normal. I do think he is making his way into the "terrible twos". It was not really that terrible, but I think the guy behind us was tired of all the cars being thrown his way. I don't blame my little boy... it is hard for an almost 2 year old to sit still for 3 hours. All in all, he did great!

And then....All "H E double L" broke loose once we landed. The landing was pretty scary and bumpy (thanks to the Chicago winds).The kids were freaking out and grabbing at me. I was trying to gather all of our "stuff". The kids were crying and screaming. And that is when I began to sweat. Once I gathered all of Ethan's cars and Holland's horses we headed out. We successfully departed the plane (last ones out) and waited for our luggage.

During those five minutes of waiting Ethan butchered his finger and Holland knocked her head on the floor. Those feelings of being the great mom on the plane quickly vanished. I was now the "out of control" mother doing anything to keep the kids quiet. I waited for everyone in the baggage claim area to leave before we ventured out. Before leaving, a guy came up to me and said, "You are a great mother. I watched you on the plane and even now. You are a great mother."

I felt like crying as I thanked him for his nice sentiment. I have not forgotten his words. He has no idea what those words meant to me. I know it is a "no no"to worry about what others think of you. But I often do. And it was so nice for someone to remind me. If I ever saw him again I might have to give him a big HUG.
I am glad yesterday is over. We were all tired. It is good to be home. I came home to a clean house (thanks honey) and to the best time of the year when the weather is cool and crisp.