Homestead Tradition Lives On

Every year Ryan's family heads up to cute, litte Midway, UT and stays at Homestead Resort. I love traditions, so this has become a RAY family tradition too. We have been going together for 8 years.
I love shopping all day Friday at the Park City Outlets and Swiss Days. My favorite part of Homestead is eating lots of junk food and playing games. Although we did not play any games because we were all so tired. The kids were sick at night and I have a hard time sleeping when they are in the same room with us. I am pretty sure I spent one night on the floor in the living room. All in all it was a fun little getaway.

Ryan golfed an insane amount while he was there...something like 324 holes in 3 days. Amber (sister) and I always hate the golf tradition and we complain about it every year.

However, I think I have finally come to grips on it.

Here are some photos of the fun trip....

Feeding ducks with Grandma

Daddy goes golfing

Happy at Homestead

The whole family

Michael, Haili, and Brandon

Water Babies

The Boys

The girls

sweet Ethan

Mason, Holland, and Beezer
The Best Photo.....
Napolean & Pedro


Patience Roney said...

What sweet photo's. Looks like fun! I am so excited for you to come next friday!

Mandee said...

Is Brandon wearing a spiderman costume in the swimming pool? That is hilarious!

Laurel said...

I LOVE homestead, swiss days, and shopping.