Hey Cuz

Liam and Laurie are in town for Memorial Weekend. It has been so much fun. There is nothing like having a sister to hang out with all day long.

We have been taking a ton of pictures and videos during their visit. We had to post them for the grandparents. Plus, they are so freaking adorable! Don't you think Holland and Liam look like brother & sister? Check out the video below to see a sample of our weekend.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Some days I absolutely love it here. Other days I curse Ryan for bringing me to this place. I have put together a list of pros and cons...hopefully my optimistic side will win! I will add more as the day goes on.
-Many restaurants to choose from
-Beautiful weather for about 5 months out of the year
-Lots of mature trees
-Parks on almost every corner
-Always something to do (beach, zoo, gardens, downtown, shows, events, concerts, etc.)
- Nice and friendly folks
- Great shopping
- Fun new friends
- Visitors
- Hydrangeas are easy to grow
- Ryan loves his new job
- Traveling to east coast is easy and short (long shot)

- Weather changes at the drop of a hat. It was 80 degrees on Saturday and 40 degrees on Sunday
- Family and friends are not here
- No Cafe Rio (can't find one good Mexican place)
- Expensive (property taxes, gas, food)
- Squirrels (we have squirrels taking over our backyard)
- Big bugs (cicadas are due anytime...gross!)
- No cousins here for my kids o grow up with


loves her binkie

I need to get rid of Holland's binkie. She is so attached to that thing. It may only get worse if I keep it around. Part of me wants to take it away and the other part of me doesn't. She loves her binkie....she will be so sad. It will be like she is losing her best friend. On the other hand, she may have a major overbite if we don't take it away soon.

Any suggestions?


Frozen Cycle

I have a phone consultation with my IVF doctor this week. We are doing IVF (invitro fertilization) again. We have 4 eggies in the freezer...medically, the are supposed to be called embryos, but I like eggies better. We hope to put them in my tummy (or uterus) in August.
When I called the nurse to set up the consultation, we talked about the process and I began to get excited. They have had really great success rates with frozen cycles in the past few months. In the back of my mind I fear it will not work. We were so lucky the first time around to get pregnant with twins --a boy and girl --. Am I pushing my luck? The odds are about 50 % with a frozen cycle. I suppose those are better odds then I have currently.

I was hoping we would get preggers on our own...it has been 19 months without any contraceptive. Nothing! My sister asked me if we were doing it right. I hesitantly answered, "yes". I totally questioned myself for a minute. What if we was doing it wrong? I know that is a silly question to ask yourself. But that is the way it is for a person who can't get preggers. You have crazy thoughts!
(where's your belly button?)
When I talk to myself about this (yes, I talk to myself just like my mom does) I tell myself...you have 2 healthykids.... you don't need anymore. But when I see little babies, I want another one. And then I say...you will not get any sleep for at least the first 6 months. You will be fat, you will have crazy-new-mom-syndrome (that is what I call post-partum). Do you really want to go through all of that? Then, I say...when the twins leave the house and come home for Christmas, there will only be 2 kids coming home. That is just not enough for me. So, I finally say to myself --have more kids. The positives defintely outweigh the negatives. Look at these 2 kids...they are SO worth it!

Shortly, I will be intentionally poking myself with a needle to inject some crazy drugs, letting Ryan stick an even bigger needle through my behind to inject even more drugs and hopefully become pregnant. But, do I really want to look like the girl to the left? Wish me luck !


Visitor Season

I received some really great news yesterday. This sister is visiting me over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a totally spur of the moment decision and I am so excited to see her and baby Liam.

In June, this sister and my little niece, Brittany, will arrive for a week of fun.

This sister will come out soon...I HOPE! She came out last Fall with her little boy & pregnant belly...but this next time may be a visit without any kiddies. She deserves a nice break.

(Does she look 6 months preggers to you?)

We have another 3 visitors in June (Ryan's brother & our twin nieces).

My H.O.P.s ( 4 girlfriends from Utah) are coming to Chicago the beginning of July. We are staying at a hotel downtown Chicago. There will be lots of laughing, shopping, eating, and just plain fun! I can't explain what H.O.P.Ss means right now...maybe some other time.

(my girls)

My brother and his cute wife, Lee, (just like a sister to me) will visit in August. My mom promised to visit again this Fall.

(Mom, Laurel, Kath, me, Sarah, Lee)

I have the best friends and family. They like me enough to come out to see me. Or maybe the city is the attraction. It doesn't matter because I get them all to meyself. Typically all these visitors would stress me out. But not anymore. I decided that my house cannot always be clean. I can only promise my guests clean sheets, food, and a fun time.


I Heart Tulips

Lincoln Park Zoo Garden
photograph by: Rachel Ray

New Shoes & Nauvoo

(The really, really want to go out to play. Holland says "let's go")
Last night we arrived home from Nauvoo, IL with a surprise on the doorstep. Ethan & Holland received a package in the mail over the weekend. Auntie Saunie sent them a pair of crocs. Can I tell you how much they LOVE them? Saunie visited a couple weeks ago and her kids (Riley & Parker)wore their crocs the entire time. My kids (especially Holland) became obsessed with them. When Riley & Parker weren't wearing them...Holland was. So the shoes arrived and they wore them all last night. Holland cried when we took them off for bedtime.
(Holland wears a size 6.5)

More shoes stories....Ethan says shoes, but it sounds more like "shi". Say "shi" 10 times in a row and it sounds a little like, well i will let you decide. It is funny because he says it all the time. I really shouldn't encourage that type of talk, but he is only 19 months old and I get a good laugh!

(Ethan wears size 6.5 too)

Another shoe story...While in Nauvoo, we planned to go to the temple. I was getting ready for the temple session and I took my shoes out of the suitcase and I found 2 different shoes. I brought a black and a brown sandal. Argh! I was mad at first, but most people don't notice shoes, right? Except for me, I always look at people's shoes. I suppose that is where Holland gets her shoe obsession.

(don't mind my bunion)

Speaking of shoes...have you ever been to DSW? They have so many shoes to choose from. I may have to stop by this week to pick up some new shoes. I am wearing sandals that were in style about 2 years ago. Some days I am so in style and other days I think I am so behind. My wardrobe has completely shifted since I had kids. No more dressing up...it is jeans, gauchos, and t-shirts. Are gauchos still in style? I love them, so please tell me they are.

Our weekend turned into a SHOE weekend. I could not help think of the song by Paolo Nutini "New Shoes"....take a listen.

Nauvoo is incredible. If you want to learn more about the history of our church, you have to make it to Nauvoo. I was overwhelmed by the feelings I had there. I have also have a better understanding of the importance of a journal. Sometimes I think my blog is a journal too. Most of the accounts at Nauvoo were taken from journals. I give Nauvoo a thumbs up! To view our pix of the Nauvoo trip, click here.



Moms are great...

My mom has been in town for 3 days and I don't ever want her to go home. She is so much fun. She is a really great house guest too. She has helped me make meals, clean up the house, and take care of the kids.

I remember when the twins came home from the hospital. My wonderful mom came religiously to my house to help -- 2 times a week for 6 months. Ryan's mom would sleep in the nursery and take care of the twins in the middle of the night so I could get some well needed sleep.

Moms know exactly how to help out. Thanks to all those great moms out there!