Gonna Bounce

I am taking a little VACAY this weekend with my girls (HOPS) from Utah. We are staying at the hotel above. They have the most comfortable beds in all hotel land (well besides Stein Erickson). I really need some R&R and it will be had this weekend. I will report on my weekend when I return...


I found some old photos...

This post is obviously for mi familia. They will get a kick out of these old photos. My neices and nephews have grown up. These pix range from 1 to 5 years ago. I love y'all!









Why do we continue to play?

(Settlers of Catan)
This is my favorite board game by far. Have you ever played it? I have been playing it for 5 years now and I never tire of it. We (Ryan's family) have taken it so seriously that we have come up with our own rules (or Geneva Convention). It is a supplemental rule book that you must browse before playing the game with us. We even have custom game pieces...mine have been painted pink.
Did you know this game is evil? It seriously can bring out the dirty, competitor player inside you. It has a way of pinning players against each other. Someone always ends up fighting because of the stupid game. I almost think we need to say a prayer before we play. Maybe we should bag the game entirely...wait, I can't do that.

BTW, I won 3 out of 4 games this past weekend. YAY for me!



Highlights of the weekend:

1. Seeing the Gonzalez Family. You can check out their blog here.
2. Spending 2 hours at Forever 21 with my twins nieces.
3. Taking train to BIG City with Liz & Steph
4. Sing-a-long with Amber (Shakira & Beyonce)
5. Playing games with the Beavers
6. Watching Beezer play with Holland and Ethan
6. Seeing Tio Leo fall for Holland's manipulations
7. Walks to the park
8. Beach Day (except when the bird pooped on me and Amber)


Love it

My favorite little stationary store is here. You have to check out the "Paper People". It is adorable and you will love it.
Have a fun weekend!


Our Erik is leaving

Erik at Michael Jordan's House

Here are some photos of our weekend. Ryan's little brother has been visiting us this past week. They went to a golf tournament last week. We went to a CUBS game, (so much fun...did you hear about that fight?) downtown, and beach.

Holland has a crush on Erik and Ethan is finally warming up to him. Too bad he is leaving tomorrow. We have tried to talk him into staying the entire summer, but his mom and dad would not have it. He leaves on a mission this Fall. So, if any of you have cute sisters, cousins, or friends. He will be available Fall of 2009...


Beauty Tip

Do you ever have those days when you don't want to wash your hair? I used to wash my hair every day pre-baby life. I just don't have the time anymore to wash and style my hair everyday. Here is my clever solution....baby powder.

When your hair is looking greasy and dull just sprinkle some baby powder in it. You have to make sure you rub it all in because otherwise your hair is looking white. It does the trick to make your hairline look fresh and clean. The best part...it only takes seconds to do this versus 30 minutes to wash & style.

Good Luck!


Who's Your Daddy?

The dad of my kids is the absolute best. When the twins were just 6 weeks old, Ryan would watch them every weekend while I went out with my friends. I sure needed the break and I think he liked being alone with them because it gave him time to bond with them. It was amazing to see the shift he made after we had the twins...he seems so much more sweet and gentle. It melts myheart...

Here are the 3 reasons Ryan is such a GREAT dad...

1. Makes them feel special (daddy/daughter & daddy/son dates)
2. Bathes and reads them bed time stories every night
3. Loves to hear the funny things they day or do...he is the only one I can really gush over my kids with


My dad is also the best! He is always a listening ear. He is never judgemental over the silly things I say, and he is the voice of reason in a crazy world. I am so glad to have a father who loves me, my husband, and grand kids so much.

Here are 3 Reasons why my dad is a GREAT dad...

1. He always has a stash of chocolate and diet soda in the house
2. He calls me "Princess"...this makes me feel like his favorite daughter
3. He is up for anything. When he came out to visit me, he went with mom and me to get pedicures just so he could be around us.



Long Grassy Lawn

This is the look we are going for in our front yard. A nice, long grassy front lawn. Our lawn has not been mowed in 3 weeks. Ryan says he is "letting it seed". Come one! We look like total WT ( I so worry about what the neighbors think).
I refuse to mow the lawn...I take care of the entire house I should not have to take care of the backyard. But once I mow the yard, I will no longer need a husband. I am really not into husband bashing on my blog, ( I like to do it face to face with my friends) so I am sorry Honey.

I suppose it is high time to call a landscaper!


Allergy Remedy?

I watch alot of Oprah these days. My favorite Oprah episodes include Dr. Oz. He knows everything about everything. On a recent show he presented a "neti pot". It is also known as a nose bidet. I tried it and I think it may be working. I have awful allergies, headaches, sinus pressure, etc. This seems to be a better way of clearing out your sinuses without all the cold medications.

I have to admit, it looks pretty funky when I actually stick it up my nose. Click here for a demonstration. Best of Luck!


Britt & Kat

I have more fun visitors at my house this weekend. My dear sis, Kat and my little neice, Britt are here. Britt and Kat (remind you of a candy bar...kit kat?) have been playing with the twins, keeping me company, and having just plain old fun.
Of course I have included some photos...


Rachel Needs...

This is what I typed into google: "Rachel Needs". And here we have my list of needs... it is pretty random.

-Rachel needs your prayers!!!!!!!
-Rachel needs £5000.
-Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision.
-Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful.
-Rachel needs to be responsible for her own behavior.
-Rachel needs to stop being so loud.
-Rachel needs time to chill out.
-Rachel needs no signs to unite with Yaacov, nor do we, in order to "unite" with haShem.
-Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends -- and whether one of them might be the next victim.
-Rachel needs Byron to take a nap, but it looks like it's not going to happen!!!!!!


Will Go Pro

Ethan and Ryan went to hit a buckle of balls last weekend. It was so cute to see Ethan's face when he realized he was going out with Dad...ALL BY HIMSELF. My kids are so used to sharing everything. It is high time we allow them to do stuff individually.

My little boy is so cute. Just look at him golfing. I am no golf professional, but I am sure he is really good. Look at that form...he will totally go pro!