Princess & Guitar

We spent hours playing princesses and the guitar. I am a guitar hero!!!


Christmas & Winter Break

Our Christmas was Merry. We spent a lot of time at home hanging out together. It was very relaxing and fun....Enjoy the photos, mom!
The kids were adorable in their nativity costumes. Didn't my sister do a great job? Interested in one for next year?


I loved the bedhead, the goofy smiles, and the shear joy in my children's faces.

Ethan was not too happy about Christmas being over.


Down the hole

I was sick yesterday -- and I mean REALLY sick. I had the stomach flu which kept me in the bathroom over the toilet for most of the day. I tried not to let the kids see me during one of my many puking episodes. Ethan did happen to walk in the bathroom and say to me...

Ethan: "Are you looking for my poo poo?"

Me: "No"

Ethan: " It already went down the hole."

Me: "Good to know..."

That conversation was the best part of my day...


Christmas Activities

We have had a busy December. I have been really busy with work and Ryan has been busy finishing up his schoolwork for a NICE long winter break. We tried to fit in lots of Christmas crafts and activities. Be ready for an explosion of photos!
Polar Express to Chicago
We told the kids the metra was the Polar Express

Making Wrapping Paper

The snow does not seem to stop....

Waiting for Polar Express

Making Gingerbread Houses
we made the house 2 weeks ago and lots of candies are now missing...hmmm

friends Amy & Lucy

Holden & Karrie

Decorating the House...

BIG Christmas Tree @ Macy's

Santa @ Macy's
he was the sweetest Santa. he spent a couple minutes with each of them.

Christmas Sunday
Holland said she felt like a princess

Christmas in Chicago

German Market in Chicago

if you have met Holland, you see this on a regular basis!


REAL Christmas Tree

It has been years since we bought a REAL Christmas tree. This year we decided to drive to a farm up north and cut down our own. It is our new family tradition...

waiting for the Thatchers....

Wagon ride to tree farm

Twins and Kalem playing in the snow
The most perfect tree we could find. Most of the trees were so short and missing lots of branches. Oh well!
It was a pain to cut down, I wouldn't really know because Ryan and Trevor were doing the real work. All I know is it was freezing and the hot chocolate and donuts waiting for us at the barn was comforting.
who cares if it is a little sparse on top.
Once it was all decorated, it turned out so pretty! We love our little Christmas Tree.


Thanksgiving in Galena

(our turkey was finished in 3 hours flat!)
We started a new Thanksgiving tradition this year. Our little family of four met up with the Thatchers for a weekend away in Galena, Il. It was the perfect setting: cabin in the woods, roaring fire, lots of delicious food, late night chit, chat & card games.