I love names

(3 weeks old; first picture taken together)
I have a few friends pregnant with baby girls on the way. This favorite friend posted about baby names and it got me thinking. I often feel the need to name their children or at least find that name they will eventually use. I will sit down with any pregnant friend and write lists and lists of names. Ask this girl, this girl, or this girl. It is true. It gives me great satisfaction to find a baby name. I have no idea why...but I find it very fulfilling.

I typically don't like to share my names because I want to hoard them all for myself. However, I don't see us having more kids anytime soon. You see, I would like more babies but my body disagrees (that is another blog entry). We have a set of twins, and that seems like it for awhile.

So I thought I would pass on my favorite baby girl names to you. They are all up for grabs. If you happen to use one of these names for your child. Please let me know. I want all the
credit (I seriously do). Go get 'em!


Just a little more TV

My kids are pretty obsessed with TV. They love Backyardigans, Word World, Super Why, Clifford and Little Bill. I am not a stickler when it comes to TV. They watch a show when I take a shower. They will watch a show while I get a little cleaning done. Or even if I want to getting read my favorite book. I used to feel so guilty about it. Not anymore! What else can you really do? So, the other day I walked upstairs and found them in the guest room ...

The TV was on and they looked SO comfy!!



I began reading the Twilight Series in September 2007. I finally finished the 3rd book last night. Call me slow if you want to. I am not sure why it took me so long. My sisters will read books in days...and it takes me months. I must have more of a balanced life???

I had a hard time getting through the 2nd book. Maybe it is because {you know who} was gone most of it. Plus, I am not sure I really want Bella with Edward. During the entire series I thought Edward was best for her. But now I want her to stay with Jacob. Does she really want to be a vampire? I think that is lame. There are only a few advantages to being a vampire. I think she is a witch and she will never turn into a vampire even when they try. That is only my theory though.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Does anyone else think that Angelina Jolie looks like a vampire...because I do.

p.s. I saw "jumpers" on Friday night and I really think Hayden Christiansen should play Edward. Hayden is my new crush.

p.s.s My spell check is not working. What is wrong with my blog?


6 Habits of Rachel

I have been tagged. I really don't know what else to blog about today. So here it goes. 6 Habits/ Facts about Rachie ...
(pic of me eating..it is a habit)

1. I like to eat Mexican food with a Dr. Pepper, pizza with Rootbeer, cookies with Diet Coke and Chai Tea (dont worry mom, its caffeine free) with toast & jam. I am very particular about my beverage of choice with those 4 particular meals. Other than that I only drink water.

2. My favorite date with Ryan is dinner and a movie. I especially love it when we get tickets to a movie that was just released. My mister is pretty cool about seeing 'Chick Flicks" too.

3. I love to play board games with friends and family. I have been known to be a little competetive. I have actually been so mad during a game of Scrabble that I knocked the board and the pieces went flying everywhere. I think I have also called Ryan a few bad names. Come to think of it...I really only get mad at Ryan when we play games.

4. I LOVE country music. I used to make fun of it when I was in High School. But, I actually went country dancing 3 times a week while I was in my early 20s. I taught line dancing and country swing at a dance club. I am a country girl!

5. I like to cut my hair and grow it out. I never stick with the same hair cut very long. Right now I am growing it out. Which is about right timing because I cut it off last April.

6. I am very forgetful. I also get distracted quite easily. Those are a lethal combination. The other day I went up stairs, but I could not remember why. So, I have to make lists of things for myself to do otherwise I will get distracted and spend all my time on the internet.





This is for all my pregnant friends!


Bows Bows Bows

I had some girlfriends over last week to make bows for our little girls. Look how cute they turned out!!! You can go here to learn how to make bows for your little girl.



A New Love

I found this website while I was searching for a "how to" for making hair bows. She not only provided instructions for hair bows, but also making totes, upohlstery furniture, and lots of other cool products.

BTW, they have great customer service too. I called to have an order "rushed" and they did it for no charge. I love that kind of service!

Go check it out here....


Sister Sarah

My little sis along with her hubby Ryan visited us this weekend. Their visit was defintely WAY too short. We did not get to shop enough, talk enough, or excercise enough. I hope she can make it out again this summer so we can spend our days at the beach instead of trudging through the snow.

Thanks for playing with my kiddies. they love hanging out with you and playing "bear". Thanks for teaching me how to eat a low calorie meal. It was great having you here!


Horsin' Around

I couldn't help it, I wanted to post more horsey pix.