He will be missed

I heard the news that President Gordan B. Hinkley died last night. He is the prophet I most remember of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was an amazing man. He served the church for more than 40 years. I will always remember his love he had for everyone.
You can see more of his service in this video.


Daddy's Home!

(Here is a photo of our little Daddy Homecoming)
Ryan was out of town for an entire week. We all missed him so much! The kids asked for him everyday. I told them he went on a plane to go to work. Anytime they heard a plane fly overhead, they would say "Daddy, plane, work".

There are definite plus and minuses when husbands go out of town.

Some of the pluses:
Sprawling out on my KING size bed
Not having to make any REAL dinners
COMPLETE control over the remote
Catching up on MY tv shows (i.e. greys, john & kate plus eight, HGTV)

Some of the minuses:
No one with to watch "Hereos" (our new fave)
No cuddling
No one to make dinner for
No one to take out the trash


Photoshop is my friend

I love using Photoshop. I am still learning how to use all of its functions. Thanks to Kendee and Laurie for teaching me all of their tricks. I really want to become better at this Photoshop thingy....I am open to any and all advice. After playing around today I did these...




My Favorite

This is by far my favorite mascara. I used to use Lancome mascara, but not anymore. Dior can be found at Sephora (if you are interested). I love it because I do not have to use an eyelash curler. It curls your lashes all by itself. It smells good while applying it to my lashes. It lasts forever (at least 5 months). It took me a long time to find a good mascara. Because if I were stranded on a deserted island and I could only have 3 things. I would choose a computer with Internet access for blogging, chapstick and Dior Mascara!


I Heart Pears

She eats more fruit than me and Ryan put together. Such a healthy appetite!


Cowboy, Cowgirl

Holland and Ethan think they are Woody & Jessie from Toy Story 2. They ride around the house on their horses (a.k.a. horsees and hee hees) and cowboy/cowgirl hats. It is the cutest thing.



My kids love it.
Can't get enough of it.
In fact, they have had more of it in the last 2 weeks than in their whole lives. We have had back to back birthday parties and lots of birthday cake. Holland now calls cake-birthday.
She is a little confused....




At Church today...

(Holland, Beezer, and Ethan on Christmas Eve, 2007)

I gave Holland and Ethan bread and water during Sacrament today. After they finished their water they said (very loudly), " Yummy Juice".


1 Year!

My Blog turned one today. Here is to another year of random thoughts, pix, and fun.


My Birthday Week

We celebrate our Birthday Week here at the Ray Household.
Thanks to everyone for making it a special week.
Here are a few of the weekly activities and gifts:

*Favorite Treat from Ryan
* Ryan on Dish Duty all week - Yippee!!!

*Package from sister - New Board Game--YAY!
* Many Phone Calls and Emails

* Flowers from Parents
* Flowers from Other Sister
*Cake and Ice Cream with Friends
* Games with Friends
* Holland was on her best behavior all week
*Going to Dinner and Movie with my Mister

*Family Breakfast

p.s. I am 31


Dang Carseats

My kids have outgrown their carseats - AGAIN!

We bought Evenflo carseats for them when they outgrew their Graco infant seats. And now I need to purchase another set of carseats. However, there is a problem. My kids are both around 38 " tall and over 30 pounds (Holland is pushing 36 pounds). I have been researching booster/carseats that include the 5 point harness - this is where the problem lies. I have only found about 5 or 6 to choose from. Most of them say you can only put them in the harness until 40 pounds. After they reach 40 pounds they need to use the regular seat belt. But my kids are only 2 and they should not use a regular carseat until 4 years old.

Here are a few of my options:

Graco Platinum CarGo (99.99) will only hold them in the harness until 40 pounds. Graco is a trusted brand and it is reasonably priced. But it would be a stupid purchase because I would most likely need to buy something else in 6 months.

This one by Safety 1st ($109) fits my weight requirements. I can use the harness up to 65 pounds and then as a booster. It just looks so dang uncomfortable.
This one by Safeguard ($139) can be used with the harness up to 60 pounds. It look uncomfy and I have never heard of the brand.

This is the BIG Motha' from Britax - The Regent ($269). They can be in the harness until they are 16 years old...actually about 10o pounds. It is safe, big, and expensive. It really is humongous!

I should have bought this one about 1 1/2 years ago and I would not be in this mess. The Britax Marathon ($269) holds them until they are 65 pounds.

I have not heard of some of these brands. Does anyone have a better suggestion? HELP!
p.s. I hate Evenflo carseats.


I am going to win this...

I love HGTV. I love the HGTV dream house. I enter into this drawing like 50 times each year. I think this is the year for me! Please pick me, please pick me!


Happy New Year!

We have had our share of ups and downs in 2007. After looking at our year in photos -- It really was a fantastic year full of fun memories.