Dang Carseats

My kids have outgrown their carseats - AGAIN!

We bought Evenflo carseats for them when they outgrew their Graco infant seats. And now I need to purchase another set of carseats. However, there is a problem. My kids are both around 38 " tall and over 30 pounds (Holland is pushing 36 pounds). I have been researching booster/carseats that include the 5 point harness - this is where the problem lies. I have only found about 5 or 6 to choose from. Most of them say you can only put them in the harness until 40 pounds. After they reach 40 pounds they need to use the regular seat belt. But my kids are only 2 and they should not use a regular carseat until 4 years old.

Here are a few of my options:

Graco Platinum CarGo (99.99) will only hold them in the harness until 40 pounds. Graco is a trusted brand and it is reasonably priced. But it would be a stupid purchase because I would most likely need to buy something else in 6 months.

This one by Safety 1st ($109) fits my weight requirements. I can use the harness up to 65 pounds and then as a booster. It just looks so dang uncomfortable.
This one by Safeguard ($139) can be used with the harness up to 60 pounds. It look uncomfy and I have never heard of the brand.

This is the BIG Motha' from Britax - The Regent ($269). They can be in the harness until they are 16 years old...actually about 10o pounds. It is safe, big, and expensive. It really is humongous!

I should have bought this one about 1 1/2 years ago and I would not be in this mess. The Britax Marathon ($269) holds them until they are 65 pounds.

I have not heard of some of these brands. Does anyone have a better suggestion? HELP!
p.s. I hate Evenflo carseats.


Alifinale said...

Dude...that sucks. I am sorry. I just want to agree with you that I hate Evenflo carseats. Good luck with the purchase - see if you can find reviews on Amazon or other sites about the different carseats. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on something that seems so much the same as a cheaper version, but I am learning that cheapest is usually just that cheap and you end up unhappy with it. You don't want to end up having to buy 3 more sets of carseats.

Walker Family said...

I have the Britax marathon and love it--it is so easy to put in the car and know that it's safe and installed right. Your problem is that your kids will want to be in a regular booster using a seat-belt by age 5 and they'll be heavy enough and tall enough to do so- so I wouldn't buy the huge Britax unless you were planning to keep them in it until age 8. (Under Illinois law, kids are supposed to be in boosters until age 8 or some weight)That's a lot of money to shell out for 2 car seats!

Roney Clan said...

I am all about the Britax. I Have all my kids in those car Seats. And it seams they have a great selection. But there are a couple of things. Do your kids sleep in there Car seats. Because Booster seats arent really good for that. But I think this might be your best bet. Sure they might be a little more expensive, but I would never put a price tag on my kids safety. My husband has just learned to pay up for things like that. Here is my favorite.


Plus it comes in cool colors. Maybe you already know about it. But I just love it. I think

buddens said...

I don't have any real suggestions, other than check out Consumer Reports. We use it for everything! Seriously. If you don't have a subscription, find someone who does and will let you use it -- you can look up stuff online. They rate things like car seats not only by safety, but by ease of use and comfort, etc. Hope that helps!

Jen said...

We bought the Fisher Price Safe Voyage carseat when my toddler outgrew his Britax Roundabout (and baby #2 needed it). The Safe Voyage is made by Britax for Fisher Price. It's basically a scaled back version of the Marathon. Check out Albeebaby.com - that's where we bought ours for about $130. I recommend it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Marathon, but it's safe and my son is quite happy in it. He even falls asleep in it on long car trips.

So, there's my recommendation: Fisher Price Safe Voyage. I think it's a great deal for the money, and I like knowing it's made by Britax.

beckie said...

We use the cosco alpha omega, ours is good up to 100 lbs. And we just made some adjustments on it for Miss Marlee today. I like that it can grow with her, and that we have the 5 point harness!

here is a link for carseat ratings

Good Luck! that is just terrible you have to get new ones AGAIN!!!

Happy Birtday to you!!!

RACHIE said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I need to make a decision soon...the kids barely fit in the stupid Evenflos...

Coco said...

We bought the cosco alpha omega too. I liked it because I knew I wouldn't have to buy another one unless he wanted a booster, plus I like the look of it.


Aubrey said...

I've heard about a Costco carseat at Cesspool-Mart that has a five-point harness and when they're big enough can be converted to use with a seat belt.

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

We have the britax diplomat (smaller version of the britax boulevard) and I love it, but I do worry that Eli will reach 40 pounds pretty early... I think the Cosco seat that everyone has mentioned is the way to go!

Krazy Khania said...

I know this is hard! I have the same but oppisite problem. My long lean Lunds grow too tall for their seats before they reach their pound limit. In fact Grant, weight wise, could have been 5 and be in the car seat Evy is in! Know that I am pretty strict about my car seats but I had to move Grant to a booster at 3. If I had him in a 5 point harness carseat his head would have been unprotected and I feel that is the part I want most protected. You will always have this problem you just need to evaluate what the risks and maybe find a certified person to talk through it with you. Or go get certified yourself and then you can work through it. I feel my childern have always been safe in their car seats except that one time I forgot to buckle Grant in! BAD MOMMY! I've never done it since.