I am ready to go...

I leave for Girls Camp on Monday for the entire week. I am in charge of the 4th Year Overnighter in my stake. Ryan and I are taking 8 fourteen year old girls on a seprate campout on Monday night. That means we need to start our own fires, cook or own food, and set-up our tents.

It feels really weird to be the one taking care of these kids. Am I really the adult here? I swear I am way too immature for this responsibilty. In addition, I am really not a camper. I do best sleeping on a bed and taking daily showers. I don't think I have ever started a fire all by myself. I only intended staying 2 nights, but the old ,nostalgic feelings were overwheliming. I remember the fun times I had at camp and I want the same for these girls. We have showers and toilets, so I think I will manage. Ohhh....there are 2 little people, I am going to miss so much.

This week has been super busy as I've been getting ready for this outdoor adventure. I have already made several trips to Walmart (although I loathe that place) ,Costco, Target, and various other stores. I also have locked my kids in the car (I called 911 and everything...but that is another post), left my purse at Jewel Osco, and stubbed my big toe several times.
But none of that will stop me from campfires, s'mores, and hanging out with the cute girls in my YW group.

My bags are packed and I am ready to go...
p.s. I won't be able to go to the beach or pool with this fun girl!
p.s.s. This extremely nice sister and m-i-l are watching the twins.

p.s.s.s. I am really going to miss my twinnies! Seriously, they are so cute!


Crib Jumping

(Ethan at 10 months)

My worst nightmare came true last night. Holland jumped out of her crib. We were downstairs when we heard a loud thump. Ryan ran upstairs and she was on the floor crying. After the incident, we were watching her put her leg over the crib to get out. She got quite a scolding from me. I told her ,"no more getting out of your crib". It was pretty scary too. She could really hurt herself. Ryan reminded me that he knew she was "trouble" from day one. He is totally right. When she was just days old she would give us these "looks". It is only a matter of time until Ethan follows suit.

I had all sorts of weird dreams last night because of it(twins roaming the house while we slept, etc). I also had a dream that this sister pulled a "Britney Spears" and shaved her long beautiful hair off. Enough of my crazy dreams.

I am not ready for toddler beds. How am I going to keep them in their room , not to mention their beds??? I need advice because this is all happening too fast and I am just not prepared.
(Holland at 5 months)


My Dad's Work

I am so proud of my Dad. One of his dreams is to publish a book. In fact, he just published his second book. You can find it here. I have a special place in my heart for this book because I was a consultant for part of it. This post's for you, dad!

(Me reading the manuscript)
(grandparents & grandkids)


My first game of tag

(This boy loves cars and choo choos)
1. Janitor - at a neighborhood school
2. Stripper (not what you think) - printing company
3. Gap/Old Navy - High School Gig
4. Marketing - Architect Firm

1. Pride and Prejudice - A&E version OR Keira Knightly version
2. Matrix
3. The Saint
4. Sliding Doors

1. Hacienda Heights, CA
2. Littleton, CO
3. Draper, UT
4. Portland, OR

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Any reality TV
4. pretty much anything on HGTV
1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
2. Chicken Nachos
3. Brownies
4. Steak
1. gmail
2. target.com
3. my blog & friends' blogs
4. weather.com
1. getting a mani/pedi
2. Hawaii
3. hanging with friends/family
4. shopping


Summer in Chi Town

I never want to leave Chicago with weather like this...
Taste of Chicago
Chicago River

The Shontz Twins & Holland in our backyard

Beatles Performance at local park

Glencoe Beach with Lilly (our neighbor)

Twins at Glencoe Beach

Holland loves our daily walks
Car seat Training


A Recipe and Celebrity Blogs

Today's post is a little random. So instead of photos of my kids and instead of motherly complaints. I give you a recipe (after promptings from Mandee). I pass onto you the greatest salsa in the world. Not only it is so very tasty, but it is super easy to make. I usually make this when I have company or as a potluck dish because it displays beautifully. This girl makes it too and that is probably why we are friends (Great taste buds taste alike). You can also see some of my other recipes on Pimp My Dinner. Feel free to send me any and I will add them to my collection.
Greatest Salsa

1 can shoe peg corn (rinsed & drained)
1 can black-eyed peas (rinsed & drained)
1 can black beans (rinsed & drained)
5 medium tomatoes, diced
1/4 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
3-4 green onions, sliced
2 avocado, chopped
1 pkg Dry Italian Dressing
1 Lime (optional)

Mix all the ingredients above and serve with Lime Tortilla Chips. Scrumptiously Delicious!
Onto my next Subject:
I found some celebrity blogs you may be interested in reading. I found them in my Entertainment Weekly magazine. I think Jenna is my favorite. She seems to be the most normal one out there. I am sure she would totally be my friend if she knew me. Readers Beware:They have each been rated by the mag
~Happy Reading~

Jenna Fischer: myspace.com/pambeesley (Grade: A)
Alyssa Milano: alyssa.mlblogs.com (Grade: A-)
Kevin Smith: silentbobspeaks.com (Grade: A-)
Alec Baldwin: huffingtonpost.com/alec-baldwin (Grade: B)
John Mayer: johnmayer.com/blog (Grade: B)
Avril Lavigne: myspace.com/avrillavigne (Grade: C+)
Britney Spears: britneyspears.com (Grade: D)


Summer TV Addictions

Ryan rented this from Blockbuster Online. I was a little miffed because he bumped out Grey's Anatomy: Season 2 from the queue. But I did the same thing to him a few weeks ago, so I suppose he was justified.

Any woo...I cannot get enough of this show. It had me hooked with in the first few minutes. We have been watching a few episodes nightly. It is so sad that my life revolves around a television show. Last night I could hardly wait to get the kids into bed so we can watch our show. My body went through a little shock when all my chows ended in May. My addiction last year was 24, this year it is Battlestar. And yes, I admit I am a geek.

What are some of your summertime addictions?



My girlfriends (A.K.A HOPS) came to visit me 2 weekends ago. We stayed downtown in the heart of Chicago. We went to WICKED, ate at GIBSONs (and other fine dining establishments), SHOPPED, spent an evening at Howl at the Moon. The absolute best part of the trip was the talking, gossipping, and rolling on the floor laughing. It was seriously a FANTASTIC weekend.

Love you girls!
p.s. I cannot post what HOPS means...it is confidential!


Cheap, Ugly Diaper Bag

I have a little obsession with diaper bags. I own 5 official diaper bags, and these do not include the purses I have transformed into diaper bags. I can't seem to find one that is cute and practical and in my budget.

I went through a cheap, practical stage and bought this bag:

It is small, has all the great compartments which one requires with 2 small kids. I can carry it over my shoulder, as a messenger bag or over my stroller. Did I mention the strap is adjustable? It has gender, neutral colors and it retails for $15.
Catch: It not a cool, hip brand name...and maybe not even cute.

I went through a cheap, Target phase and bought this:

The red one is cute, but does not match with everything I wear. If you did not know this about me already but, I am a matchy, matchy girl---and PROUD of it! Anyway, I like this bag, but I do not LOVE it. Here is another cute bag from Target.
Catch: Because it is from Target you may see alot of people using them.

I went through a cheap, babystyle phase and bought this one...

I bought this bag while I was on bedrest in the hospital. I saw it online and loved the $20 price tag. But had I saw it in person I may not have purchased it. It is pink, and guys don't like to carry pink bags (I know pink is in style for men's clothing, but not bags). The bag is shaped weird and did not work for me for as everyday diaper bag. However, it is from Babystyle and I loved buying something from a cool, hip online store.

I would love to buy this and this and this diaper bag. I am just too financially responsible (just a nice name for cheap). I guess if I decided to stop buying lots of cheap bags and spent the same money for 1 nice bag I would not be writing this post.

Who am I kidding? I know myself too well...I like to change my handbag every season. I better not purchase the expensive ones or I may need to get a 2nd job. So, if anyone else it having the same dilemma as me, check out this website with tons of diaper bags to choose from.
Catch: They are pricey!

p.s. Found another cute diaper bag ...may just have to change my mind thanks to Mandee's website.


Something about Tanning

I have been worshipping the sun most of my life. At the young age of 9, I remember spending my Easter vacation laying outside in my backyard. I always hated my white, white skin and all my freckles. I liked to lay out in hopes my freckles would all blend in. The sun actually made my freckles stick out even more and my white skin would burn, turn to a tan, and fade away within days.

In high school, I would skip seminary so I could lay out. Seminary was held at 11 AM which was great laying out suntime. I really looked great at the end of that year...
In college, I would lay out by the pool with baby oil. We would spend weekends at the pool and holidays at Lake Powell and I would return home a nice shade of brown. Again, days later it would fade.
In my 20s, I would go outside acting like I was just reading my book in the sun, but I was totally hoping for a tan. I would pull up my shorts and t-shirt. Is there such a thing as a closet tanner?
As a responsible adult and mother of 2, I no longer lay out (but I want to). I go to the beach and responsibly put on sunscreen. But I am going through a personal dilemma...because I really like having tan legs in the summer. I smother my children with suntan lotion, and I make sure to lotion my at least my face because I really don't like the wrinkly-face-look. Most of my girlfriends go tanning and a part of me wants to have a nice tan all over my body and the other part of me worries about cooking my insides and ugly wrinkles.
I hope that as I mature I will no longer care about looking tan. Even when I say I don't want to get tan, I am totally lying. I don't know, perhaps white skin will becomes fashionable again.
I went to the beach today and I am heading there again next week. I secretly hope to come home with tan legs!


Happy 4th of July

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!