Choo Choo Cafe

I have got to catch up! I have not been blogging nearly as much as I want to these days. It seems my days are filling up fast. We have been up to lots of fun, so I must share and journal these little moments.
In April, we met some friends at the "Railroad Junction". It was a really cool place. The only photo I managed to get of the kids is this one if Ethan waiting for the train to deliver his food. I think the rest were of their backs. Oh well.
The kids fondly call it the Choo Choo Cafe. And without fail for the past 6 weeks since going, Ethan prays for the Choo Choo Cafe. Do you think he may want to return?


Scootin' Around

The twins are finally getting some use out of their scooters. We are so happy to have some warm April days.



This is what my tulips looked like about 3 weeks ago. I was so happy to squirrels did not get to them this year.


Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny

I think Ethan was most happy with the $$ he found in the eggs. He couldn't wait to put it in his piggy. Ryan says that Ethan takes after him. Something about the both of them being "savers". Whatever.

And yes, Ryan is man enough to wear pink.


Let the hunting begin...

Look at my stash!

Hmmm...where to go first?

They began the hunt a little grumpy. You can see it in their faces!

He is on a roll...

Go get 'em!


My baby neices...

I love these little girls...


28 hours in Phoenix

I spend about a day in Phoenix and I was able to see my BFF, Kendee. I have not seen her for about a year. I really miss hanging out with her...
We spent most of the morning doing what we do best...EATING! I have never had so much fun in one sitting.

I managed to fit in a photoshoot with Maile & Lake....