Choo Choo Cafe

I have got to catch up! I have not been blogging nearly as much as I want to these days. It seems my days are filling up fast. We have been up to lots of fun, so I must share and journal these little moments.
In April, we met some friends at the "Railroad Junction". It was a really cool place. The only photo I managed to get of the kids is this one if Ethan waiting for the train to deliver his food. I think the rest were of their backs. Oh well.
The kids fondly call it the Choo Choo Cafe. And without fail for the past 6 weeks since going, Ethan prays for the Choo Choo Cafe. Do you think he may want to return?

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Sarah S said...

pretty cute!! I keep meaning to go there, maybe for Eli's birthday we'll have lunch there... you'll have to tell me if the food is any good!