Quantas cobra?

I woke up to nice weather and this view for a week....
I hung out with this hunka hunka burnin' love for a WHOLE week...no kids...no school...no work!

We drove 3 hours to get to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The drive was interesting. I loved driving through this preserve. Cactus all over the place!

We played canasta caliente at the Mayan. This was after the boys golfed and the girls had massages and layed out. The favorite drink of the trip was the Strawberry Coloda. Yum!

We ate here a couple times. Cheap food and fantastic salsa.

Aww....sunset at the beach.

Shopping at the Old Port. I didn't think we got any great deals. Most of the shops will not negotiate...banditos!

p.s. They had Thrifty Ice Cream in Mexico. I love that stuff. I was able to get a scoop of chocolate malted crunch.


Little Q

I have been taking her photos for a year now. She is so adorable...she is almost like my own.


We Are Family

I am loving all the funny things the kids are saying lately.
It was Sunday night and we were eating dinner at our little kitchen table. Once we all sat down Holland said. " We are like a family". LOL. Honey, we ARE a family.


Prelude to Summer

The kids had a great time at the park, and I can't wait until it is an everyday occurrence.


They call me princess

My little girl went to her first princess birthday party last month. We spent the morning curling her hair, painting her nails, and everything all girly. She looked adorable! But, I have to say she was feeling pretty special because at one point she snapped at Ethan and said, "Ethan, I'm going to a princess party!!!" It wasn't so much what she said, but it was the tone she took. I think both Ryan and I rolled our eyes at our little drama queen. Fast forward ten years and we are in BIG trouble.


Everyone needs a little romance

Summer 2006
I got a pretty cool gift for Valentine's Day. I realize it was over a month ago, but every time I think about it, it makes me smile. I have to brag for just a moment. Ryan got tickets to see Coldplay this summer. Not only am I happy to go see a concert this summer, the tickets are on the anniversary of our first date. And our first date was to a Howard Johnson concert 10 years ago! It was a pretty cool date and I remember falling for him immediately. I am definitely married to a romantic. I am glad he remembered that date, because I never can.



You must always wear your safety goggles when vacuuming.