Spring is finally in the air!

This weekend was SO beautiful. It finally warmed up here in Chicago. We had such a great weekend. What made it super fun was having my long-time friend Saunie here with her husband and 2 kids. We went to eat at Gibsons, shopping at the outlets, garage sales/rummages, lunch at the beach. It does not get much better than that. Here are some pictures and video to recap our fun weekend!



(Holland says peek-a-boo)

I hate hIcCUps. I have them right now as I type. They are so, so, so annoying. I remember hearing about a lady who had them for a year. I think I would want to shoot myself if that happened to me.

I loved hIcCUps when the twins would get them in my belly. They were little and cute. It was really cool when they would both hIcCUp at the same time.

How do I get rid of them? I think I ate lots of junk food!


Stranger than Fiction

I give this film a 100% thumbs up. It was surprisingly very good. If you need a good movie that you and your husband will enjoy...this is it!


Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was a fun one. Lots of goodies and fun! Gabby gave the twins 2 BIG baskets filled with toys and treats. They seemed to love the grass the best. We also took them on a Easter Egg hunt at church. The pictures turned out blurry and yellow...bummer. I guess it is time for a new camera! Easter Morning was fun for the kids...they came downstairs laughing when they saw the baskets. The Easter bunny forgot about me this year...I knew it would happen so I bought myself my own box of PEEPS. My mom also sent a box of Easter candies and such. I have had so much sugar the last couple of days that I have developed a bad case of heartburn. Please pass the Pepcid....


Snaps and snails and puppy dog tails...

...that's what little boys are made of!
Here is my last blog for tonight. I think blankets, burp cloths, and bibs are essentials for a new baby. My kids both spit up, so I would suggest something cute likes the burp cloth and bib for a baby boy. The cowboy theme is pretty darn cute too. Found this stuff at egiggle...one of my favs.

My Firstborn times two

I am posting my cute babies for a blogstyle scavenger hunt. All of my posts today have been for the "hunt". They are my firstborn times two. We recently had their 18 month appointment. Holland is above 90% for head, height and weight. Ethan is 90% for height, 50% for weight and 20% for head. They both say ball, doggy, daddy (or dad), ducky, hat, hot, head, squirrel...just to name a few. Holland makes a cute cow sound and Ethan can growl like a tiger. I swear I hear a new word/sound everyday. They are the best!

The Perfect Dress

I have been given a challenge to help my new BFF find a cute and modest dress for a wedding. So I have posted photos of dresses that I like and love. I did not post everything because I had more than 15 dresses I liked. Is there one here that really catches your eye, Mrs. Dub? If all else faild you can find a cute pencil skirt with a fuschia top and big black belt. Good Luck.

p.s. My sister, Laurel ,found the cute dresses from Shade. I thought I would give a "blogout" to her!

Shade Ann Taylor Nordstrom -BP Nordstrom

These are from Forever 21...a cheap, trendy store might do the trick too.

No more ponytails

I cut my long locks off yesterday afternoon. I think we cut off about 6 inches. I am still in shock. I had butterflys in my stomach the whole way there. But I did it...I kind of hated it at first. 24 hours later it is now growing on me. Ryan love, love, loves it.

I tried to match Lisa Kudrow's haircut. Do you think it matches? I am not sure it does. Do I look like a little girl now.?

So, Mrs. Dub I think you need to get this "lisa" haircut. It will look spectacular on you!