The Perfect Dress

I have been given a challenge to help my new BFF find a cute and modest dress for a wedding. So I have posted photos of dresses that I like and love. I did not post everything because I had more than 15 dresses I liked. Is there one here that really catches your eye, Mrs. Dub? If all else faild you can find a cute pencil skirt with a fuschia top and big black belt. Good Luck.

p.s. My sister, Laurel ,found the cute dresses from Shade. I thought I would give a "blogout" to her!

Shade Ann Taylor Nordstrom -BP Nordstrom

These are from Forever 21...a cheap, trendy store might do the trick too.


Mrs. Dub said...

Oooh, that pink jacket may change my life. Because there's many a sleeveless dress out there that could be resolved with it. Also, I love the other dresses. Maybe I need more than one. Is an outfit change acceptable if you're not the bride?

Laurel Shiner said...

I love the SHADE dresses. I tried one on and thought I looked so dang cute, but I just didn't happen to have an extra $200 to pay for it. I recently found a daaarrrllling dress for $30 at Mervyn's that is similiar to the Shade dresses, but with a print.

Laurel Shiner said...

P.S. My fav is clicking onto my name...Not quite me, but funny! ;) Click away!

Sarah said...

I need to go shopping. But when I get back to my normal size. Right now, I just need to be happy with the clothes I have. Then I'll go shopping for all those dresses!