I love names

(3 weeks old; first picture taken together)
I have a few friends pregnant with baby girls on the way. This favorite friend posted about baby names and it got me thinking. I often feel the need to name their children or at least find that name they will eventually use. I will sit down with any pregnant friend and write lists and lists of names. Ask this girl, this girl, or this girl. It is true. It gives me great satisfaction to find a baby name. I have no idea why...but I find it very fulfilling.

I typically don't like to share my names because I want to hoard them all for myself. However, I don't see us having more kids anytime soon. You see, I would like more babies but my body disagrees (that is another blog entry). We have a set of twins, and that seems like it for awhile.

So I thought I would pass on my favorite baby girl names to you. They are all up for grabs. If you happen to use one of these names for your child. Please let me know. I want all the
credit (I seriously do). Go get 'em!


Mandee said...

I love you Rachie! When I saw this post I wondered if you remembered our list of names on my white board at FC- and the countdown! Those were such great days!

My favorite names right now are Warner, Griffin, Aydan, Miken, Thomas, Will, and Asher.

On a totally unrelated side note- I was chatting with another friend over gmail last night about Lost (I seriously have problems) and my husband was noticing the names we were discussing- Jack, Aaron, the 'Maxwell' group- and said, too bad they don't have a Charlie. I laughed and told him he just died. Ha ha!

Mandee said...

I forgot to mention that my brain doesn't even know how to think about girl names. So sad.

Hailey said...

Um, maybe I'm that friend Mandee was talking to last night. But I just wanted to say that your twins are gorgeous! I have 15 month old twin girls and I think they are just about the neatest thing. Hooray for twins!

Hailey said...

Oh yeah, and so I can be on-topic, my three girls' names are Mila, Lucy and Lane. I think they're all fabulous names, but I'm biased.

Alifinale said...

Thank you! We are kind of at a loss for names this time around and making no progress whatsoever. Thanks for the list so I have something to discuss with the hubbie tonight.

motherofseven said...
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Rachie said...

I also like Carly...

Kelly said...

I love all of your names! I love to think of names too! Harper is our girl name! We have had names picked out for our kids since before we got married (almost 5 years ago). So now all we need are the kids to go with the names!

The Thatchers said...

Thank you for sharing your baby names and for helping me create my own!! Youre the BEST and I am so happy to be have you as a friend here in Chicago.
See you tomorrow!!

Laurel said...

You are so funny! I see a bunch I love...and one that I plan to use when we have a girl.

shontzie said...

first of all, i love that picture! you can totally tell which is holland and which is ethan! so adorable.
names were really hard for us. our final lists were no where near that long, 4 or 5 max girl names (which were easier for us) and 2 boy names! i'm so glad you have your cute cute kids, and even if it is just two coming home for the holidays...maybe they'll inherit your competitive board game nature and you 4 can fill the house will settler maddness!!!! (but we'll always be keeping you in our prayers for more) xo, ashley

buddens said...

I am so the same way! Sometimes I feel bad about being so name obsessed with children that aren't my own, but really, it is so fun! I have made many of the same lists and passed them on to friends. So funny! Incidentally, my niece's name is Sienna -- (which I picked, thank you very much), but she is now almost six so I'm sorry that you don't get credit. :( It does show you have great taste though!

California Roney's said...

Not sure if you know this already, but we are naming our baby Sailor. We are super excited. Another girl will be great to add to our mix. It seems like everyone I know is having girls right now!!!

Mandee said...

Rachel meet Hailey- my other Lost friend who I chat with over gmail. I was just thinking earlier today that if you two knew eachother you would probably be great friends!

Mandee said...

oh, and you both have an Ethan!

Gonzo's said...


I have to blame you for names like "Beezer" and "Macie Moo" for my boys....why aren't those on your list?

Mandy said...

Hey Rachel!! I just found your blog through Kelly's and have had so much fun reading it (I hope you don't mind). Your little ones are too cute!! I love your list of baby names...Hadley is actually one that we have picked out for a girl. I also love Henley. I love that you have Tayden on here...my little boys name is Tayson!!

Katie said...

I love a bunch of the names on your list....in fact we're using one of them already! :)

Autumn said...

I found your blog from Kelly (which I found her through my sil Brittani) and had to comment that I have a Paisley :)

Boy & Girl said...

I love baby names. I love to find new ones that we might one day use, but it's still making my husband sweat a little when I do. Such a cute blog you have!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Delaney is one of my all time favorite names. I think because I love the Jimmy Buffett song so much- make me think of my own daddy.

deesha said...

What cute names! Will you please publish a boy list too?

Jennifer said...

Love the name Paisley! Adorable!

I have always loved the name Grayson for a baby but our last name is the same (no y) and that would be so strange. I had a student once that had the same name for the first, middle, and last! Go figure that logic!