Favorite Holiday

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Happy 4th f July! Isn't this the best Holiday? I was a little teary eyed when a patriotic song was playing during our town's parade. I am so grateful to live in this country!
This photo is in front of the "married with children" fountain downtown Chicago. I can't post any of my photos because my home computer has crashed. Bummer!
We had a great 4th with Fun, Friends, and Fireworks!


Beckie said...

I LOVE this holiday too! And I am so teary eyed during God Bless the Usa - EVERY TIME!!

shontz said...

our favorite 4th was on evanston beach last year, watching fireworks and catching fireflies. that is SUCH great news about ryan going to kellogg! congrats to you both!!

Kendee said...

Big suprise that the dinosaur died in the office. How many times was my attack on the axis erased by the symantic popup? Saved ryan multiple losses.

Somer said...

Hmm. Reminds me of a park in San Francisco where I took a nap once upon a time.

Krazy Khania said...

The 4th is my favorite too!