Long Grassy Lawn

This is the look we are going for in our front yard. A nice, long grassy front lawn. Our lawn has not been mowed in 3 weeks. Ryan says he is "letting it seed". Come one! We look like total WT ( I so worry about what the neighbors think).
I refuse to mow the lawn...I take care of the entire house I should not have to take care of the backyard. But once I mow the yard, I will no longer need a husband. I am really not into husband bashing on my blog, ( I like to do it face to face with my friends) so I am sorry Honey.

I suppose it is high time to call a landscaper!


Coco said...

I hear ya, I hate it when the lawns get long. Right now I have it easy because someone else takes care of my 6ft by 6ft lawn, but soon I will be there bugging Tim to get out and mow the lawn.

Laurel said...

My guy is getting worse and worse...between work and school and the fact that our yard is so big Mr. T has let the lawnmowing thing fall to the wayside. I too refuse to mow the lawn...to me that is guy work and I don't wanna do it!

Osborne Family said...

I absolutely LOVE to mow the lawn! I am usually the one to do it. Mike doesn't mow with his "manhood", just like I don't change diapers with my "gals." Come on, Rach, you can do it!!

Alifinale said...

We didn't get a lawn mower for a few weeks when we moved into our house and just borrowed our neighbors. He sometimes would come and mow the front lawn for us. Talk about embarrassing when your lawn is so bad that the neighbor does it for you. And I live in WTville. So sad. I agree, mowing the lawn is the man job. Same with taking out the trash.

Mandee said...

I love that excuse... "I'm letting it seed..." whatever.

I refuse to mow the lawn too. Aaron asked Maddy if she wanted to "learn how to mow"- I told her not to do it.

Same with taking out the trash. If I take the trash out- it goes into the garage, so he can take it all the way out when he gets home.

Although- I do require that he change poopy diapers on the weekends. And I will weed a flower bed every now and then.

Tell Ryan I said to mow the lawn.

Gonzo's said...


Two things:

1) You aren't "husband bashing" you are venting. Two totally different things. I think we all deserve a little bit of that.

2) Do not, I repeat, do not start mowing the lawn or he will assume that you will do it every week.

That happened in my old house...I was tired of waiting around for Leo to mow it, plus I don't think he really cared about the lawn anyway. Once we moved to our new house, I didn't lay a finger on the mower and it has become his pride and joy. What is even cuter is when Beezer is out there with his toy weed wacker, sweating as much as Leo is.

Anonymous said...

If men change diapers, women can mow lawns

Sarah said...

I don't have a problem with mowing the Lawn, but Ryan likes to do it. Now I might now have long grass, but how can I get him to do the dishes, I'M SO TIRED of doing them ALL the time!!!!!

Mandee said...

to anonymous... he changes poopy diapers on the weekends. 2 times.

The life of a man- what would it be like to go to work all day in a nice office with free snacks... out to lunch everyday... come home to a delicious dinner, a clean house, and your children so excited to see you? And only have to mow the lawn, and change 2 poopy diapers on the weekends.

Rachel. Don't mow the lawn.

Anonymous said...

To Mandee--

How do you know he only changes 2 diapers a week? Did Rachel confirm that? I bet he changes more than most dads. As for working at home or working at the office, they probably both have equal amounts of pros and cons. Most dads would probably like to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day, go hang out at the mall, have friends and family come over and visit (playgroups), etc.

Gonzo's said...
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Gonzo's said...

Is that you Ryan, Mr. Anonymous?

I'm going to have to take Mandees's side on this debate. As a working mom (who works at home) I don't have the luxury of taking naps (very often at least) and I don't have the pleasure of going to the mall to hang out with friends (occasionally) because my day is scheduled around work and baby naps.

I tell Leo ALL the time that I would love to trade his job for mine. He gets to go the the mall, to eat lunch..and has his friends come over to his office to talk sports ALL the time...and when he's tired, he probably takes a nap in the bathroom while he sits on the pot. No wonder he comes home as chipper as can be and expects me to be in the same great mood he is in.

I would trade a man's day at work for mine in a heartbeat!

Gonzo's said...


I love my husband...he is great at helping out with the kids and house and yard...etc. All I was trying to say is that it would be nice to trades jobs once in awhile.

RACHIE said...

Bam Bam, you guessed it! Ryan is anonymous...He can't even identify himself...what a chicken!

Mr. Ryan Anonymous: I have been in the "working world" and I know it is really not that hard. 50 hour work week or a 168 hour work week?

He is SO washing his laundry all week for this crap!

Katerina said...

Yuck I hate mowing the lawn. Maybe you can go for the jungle look! you already have the cicada noise to add to the atmophere

Ryan said...

Update: Lawn has been mowed. Everyone off my back including that anonymous person!

p.s. Seeding the lawn helps promote a green, thick, and healthy lawn.

mandee said...

Thanks for exposing Ryan... I had a feeling it might be him.

So Aaron and I got into it over this subject last night. I was telling him about your blog topic. And at the end, I was still on my side.

And when I referenced "him changing 2 poopy diapers" I was talking about Aaron. I'm sure with twins, it's double. And I hope Ryan changes those on the weekends!

Great debate Rachel- let's do it again!