Snow Day

Right now I gaze out my office window and it looks like a complete whiteout. Just about an hour ago the twins were playing outside in that freezing cold snow. What was I thinking? It didn't cross my mind that there may be a better day to introduce the cold, white, snow to my children??? So, we ventured out in the blizzard for as long as I could last - about 10 minutes. Our nanny, Gabby, played along too and went outside with us. She is a very good sport.

Before heading out, I placed mittens on there little hands. It was hard to persuade them to keep the fleece mittens (without a thumb hole) on. Once outside and countless times of removing the mittens, they both realized the importance of mittens.

Holland was frozen in her tracks once placed on the foot of snow. She stood there in the middle of the backyard laughing (with her binky, of course). I had to teach her to pick up the snow and play with it. She finally began to eat it.

Ethan immediately began eating the snow. Then the next minute he was rolling in the snow. He was covered from head to toe in white fluff. He is definitely a boy! My camera battery died so I could not get any photos of him doing that...so sad!

The kids were both crying once we entered the house. I guess they like the cold, wet, miserable snow?

Our first outing in the snow was not long, but it was fun!!!


Mandee said...

So fun... and so jealous you have a nanny.

Kathy said...

Wow so cute!
How much fun to play in the snow!
They look so cute