Ray's Old House - Living Room

So here is my first edition of "Ray's Old House - Living Room". We have yet to complete one room. The office is sort of done...the kitchen is almost done..and the Living Room is not quite done. This renovation has led me to drink more and more Diet Coke. I have had more Diet Coke in the last few months than I have had my entire life. Drink up because we are not done yet!

Last night we worked late into the evening to re-arrange furniture and to empty some more boxes in the Living Room. Check out the photos below to see the progress we have made.

This is the look of the house the day we moved in. The curtains were disgusting...filled with smoke!

The curtains have been removed - Huge improvement! The room is quite nice, but the carpet is cheap and the LARGE cabinet needs to go!

We took out the cabinet, base moldings and carpet. We were very happy to find hardwood underneath. Our dream was to put in large 4" planks for the hardwood, but finding this wood underneath will save some $$$.

The painting begins! Ryan applied the first coat of primer. We used the really strong stuff to get rid of the smoke smell. The house smelled like paint...much better than smoke!

The floors have been stained and the paint is on. Our contractor was still cutting all the crown and moldings. We had saw dust everywhere. I found some in a cup in a closet just the other day. Yuck!

This was the room last night. The couches were still covered and boxes were everywhere. Although they are not in the picture becuase they were all stacked behind me.

This is the Living Room in its current condition. The floors still need a good washing and we need a large rug to cover all the brown. But, it feels good to have a HOME again (kind of).

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Laurel said...

I can't wait to see your house in person!!! Cute paint color.