I am SO into Lost

I have an addiction and it is to TV. Currently my obsession is with LOST. Right now my favorite character is Sahid. I would be more than happy to be stuck on a deserted island with him. Sawyer is not that bad-- I love his dirty stringy hair...don't ask me why?

Okay back to the plot.We found a cool website...http://www.mittelosbioscience.org/ Once you get to the main page, go to the "Projects" tab on the top of the website....the login name is "jburke "and the password is "rachel". Make sure to click on the email message and video link. You will not be disappointed. If you find anything like this, pass it onto me. I love all the theories!

p.s. Amazing Race - Allstars starts next Sunday. I am psyched !


Mandee said...

Are you kidding me? Sahid and Sawyer? What has Chicago done to you, Rachie???? Now, if you want to talk about Jack... now there's a hottie! And love that website. Thanks for sharing it.

RACHIE said...

Jack is a complete hottie. No question there. I just think Sahid can keep me safe and Sawyer is dirty and i like it :))))