Beads, Beads, Beads

I have not been able to find any cute bracelets for Holland at any children's stores for a decent price.

I decided to become the crafty mom I always knew I could be. I went to the craft store, stocked up on some beads, and pulled out my old bead kit. I went a little crazy last night and made Holland 6 little bracelets. I think she now has one for every outfit. I am pretty sure she likes to wear them too. I will say, "Holland, come here and try on your jewels." She comes running over with her little arm out stretched waiting to try on her newest accessory...so sweet!


Kathy said...

Holland's little hands are so cute!
She will love jewelery just like her mom!

Mandee said...

I love that little dragonfly one! You need to put your stuff on etsy! And if I had a girl, well, a little one- I would buy some from you!

Kendee said...


Did you know that I made bracelets too. We should get together and do this together. I was thinking about making some for Easter (you know to match whatever rediculus outfit I decide to where to welcome in the spring).

RACHIE said...

You were always my best customer! Love you to pieces!