Richmond's Addiction

While staying with my family I shared with them the best, most addicting card game: CANASTA.

Our good friends, the Thatchers, introduced the game to us last year. I rememer playing it when I had the flu unitl the early hours of the morning. We would play the game every chance we could get. On the beach, on the train, at restraunts. In the early days of playing Canasta, I would have dreams about it...it was sickening. I pretty much take it wherever I go. It is a true addiction.

So, my family is addicted to it too. All of the adults would stay up late to play it. Which is really not that late. Midnight is pretty early to some people. But is it late when you have to get up with our kiddies in the morning. My parents bought 4 sets of it - just in case they lose the first 3 !?!

So, if you are looking for a fun, easy, portable, game. Try Canasta. You will like it!


Tina said...

TOO FUNNY! I love that you are as addicted as we are.

Beckie said...

so did I ever tell you that I went out and bought the game after we played it with you!?!?

Laurel said...

Come back so we can play some more!

LINDSAY said...

I want to learn to play this game. Teach me!

Leyla... said...

I love card games. I'll have to check this one out!