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engagement photo - 2000

I have been tagged by Lindsay, so here i go...this is for my sweetie pie!

engagement photo - 2000

What is his name? Ryan Jeffrey/Jeffery (neither of us know the correct spelling)

How long have we been married? 7 1/2 years

How long did we date? 1 1/2 years

How old is he? 33
Who eats more? Ryan does. He eats like 3 servings in one sitting

Who said I love you first? Ryan brought it up, but technically I did. It is still confusing to me. It is kind of a funny story. Maybe at another time.

Honeymoon in Belize -2000

Belize - 2000

Who is taller? I am pretty sure Ryan is...
Who sings better? I do, but that is not saying much. I can't really sing

Yellowstone - 2001

Who is smarter? Ryan is smart (but so am I)

SLC - 2004

Whose temper is worse? Mine..I like to push his button just to get a reaction out of him

Who pays the bills? Mr. Ray

taking twins home after 4 weeks in NICU - 2005

Who does the laundry? Me. I like doing laundry. I especially like folding towels.

Who cooks dinner? Me. I am better at it :)Plus, Ryan will eat anything I make.. It is so great. However, Ryan makes the best french toast.

Who drives when together? Mr. Ray

Who is more stubborn? Totally Ryan

Who is the first to admit when wrong? I am always admitting when I am wrong. I am really so selfless.

Who wears the pants in the family? Ryan tries too...

Who mows the lawn? Ryan tries too. Just read this post and you will know what I am talking about.

Who proposed? Mr. Ray

Utah - 2007

What is my favorite thing about him? I have a couple things...He tells me he loves me all the time. He is the greatest dad. He washes Sunday dishes. He goes grocery shopping. He eats anything I cook/bake. Watches "The Bachelor" with me. He does not care that I have a crush on our contractor or Patrick Dempsey. He plans great vacations (did you see those Belize Photos?)
The list goes on and on...

this is not my husband...but I love him too.


Mandee said...

I miss Ryan Ray... and I love that picture of my boyfriend, Dempsey.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Lovely photos!

our family said...

Isn't it awesome to have a great hubby? I love mine, too!
Emily O.

Alifinale said...

Such cute photos of such a cute couple.

Now I want to know if you saw Made of Honor and if it is any good. I am sure you will love it because it has your boyfriend but really...is it just another My Best Friend's Wedding?

Sarah S said...

Darling pictures! Love seeing the honeymoon pics. Ben wants to know what kind of fish those were in Belize :)

Sarah S said...

Also, I saw Made of Honor this weekend - I was with my grandpa, his wife, and my cousin. All I can say - the movie was RAUNCHY. So disappointing. I love Patrick Dempsey too, but I was not impressed with the constant borage (sp?) of inappropriateness.

(I was prob. extra uncomfortable sitting next to my Grandpa, but STILL! Save your money.)

Sarah said...

Patrick is so HOT

NatRat said...

What? You like to do laundry?? Are you crazy??