Moms can't be lazy

Ethan - 2 1/2 months old

The other day I was giving my kids and bath and I noticed something floating in the bath that should not be there. Yes, there was poop in the bath tub! Seriously. Gross, I know.

Immediately, I got the kids out of the bath and transferred them to my bathtub for another scrub down. Cleaning poop is a really big pain, but I chalk it up to another part of my job description as a mom. During this stinky situation, I thought "can this wait?" or "maybe I will wait until Ryan gets home and make him do it".There is no time to wait in a situation like this. You HAVE to clean out the tub, the kids, and disinfect all the toys. The thought came to me - Moms can never be lazy.
You would think I would have come to this conclusion much earlier in my momhood. Like when I was pumping breast milk 10-12 times a day. Or maybe when I was up all night with 2 crying infants. Moving to a new state with two 6 months babies. Nope, not then.

Trust me, I am lazy about plenty of things. If I go to the grocery store I often purposely don't buy everything on the list because I am too lazy to walk my butt to the other side of the store. Call me crazy, but I do it all the time.
I will spend all day doing laundry, but then the folded clothes stay in their baskets in my room for days.
So ,those are things I CAN be lazy about. But stuff like poop in the bathtub cannot be procrastinated.

So my point is, my days of laziness are really over. Some days it make me happy that I am so productive, but other days I am so exhausted that the thought of washing another dish will make me vomit. Moms and laziness is an oxymoron.
To all the moms out there - You are fabulous!


Sarah S said...

amen to that!! there are so many times when I WANT to be lazy but it's not possible. I really hate poop in the tub... Eli did that a few times in a row and I had to stop letting him play very a long time in the tub to break him of the habit. I think the warm water relaxed him a little too much :)

Mrs. Dub said...

fo' reals, my friend. i used to be so lazy that i would sit avoid going to the bathroom for 2-3 hours so that i could finish a show, read a magazine, etc. now, i'm popping up from my uneaten dinner to grab anything my child beckons for. and i'm quite fast at catching her or any other falling items. it's exhausting, but quite worth it.

p.s. amen to the grocery list thing!

Laurel said...

I know exactly what you mean. Today at Wal-Mart Liam's diaper leaked (we were planning on going swimming and I forgot to take the swim diaper off when it was called off) and all the sudden while picking up some Crystal Light I'm thinking why is my foot all wet? Anyhow I ran to the bathroom to change him, but what I wanted to do was finish grocery shopping even though my foot had Liam’s urine on it. Unfortunately peaking on the floor at Wal-Mart is not something that can be procrastinated. The best is that Liam's bathing suit was so wet I finished shopping with him in his crocks and t-shirt and a clean diaper…so very “Wal-marty.”

The One said...

It's a bad day for Moms and bodily fluids in general I think. I read Laurel's comment too. Spring must be the season for pooping.

Muriel said...

Just had the tub experience again a few days ago. I guess it's a good thing, I had been putting off cleaning it. I cleaned the rest of the bathroom but was too lazy to clean that tub. It never gets so clean as it does when someone poops in it.

buddens said...

My daughter just pooped in the tub about an hour ago! For the first time ever and she's almost three! For that, I'm grateful, but seriously, it's so gross! Why can't they just say, "Mom I need to go potty!" Oh well. Everything is clean now. And I agree about the lazy thing, my friends and I were talking about it the other day that even on our "lazy days", we're still not really that lazy.

Jen said...

I've had that poop-in-the-tub experience as well. Must be universal! Only my husband was bathing them that night. He called out to me, "Jen! Help!" I thought it was some sort of emergency. It was poop. And he wanted me to deal with it. Fun times!

Also, I often don't buy everything on my grocery list. You are not alone.

Coco said...

Noah hasn't ever pooped in the bath tub, but after he pottyed this morning he was washing him hands with nothing on his bottom half and he pooped on the floor. How can you just stand there and poop?

Auntie K said...

My seven children were perfect in
everyway. They were all trained at
a very early age and never had an
accident.Yeah sure, they used to go
into the closet and poop. I can safety say they were trained by the
time they went to school. I sure I
don't know how I did it, but motherhood is a 24\7 life and it a
good thing they have cute smiles.


Krazy Khania said...

Thank you! Thank you! Now if we could get the opposite sex to see this....he he

kara said...

hilarious. i remember when this was happening quite regularly in business school. either ammon or i would yell "poop in the tub!" and immediately we knew what to do, who would grab what or who, and remedy the situation. a sudden, loud "oh crap!" also signaled similar action. one time marcus woke up with a poopy diaper then proceeded to take his diaper off, paint with the poop allover the wall and pee through the slats on to the floor. darn kids!