Should I do it?

I can't decide if I should cut my hair or not. I had a dream last night that I cut it off and it looked really cute. I posted a few photos of haircuts I like. I am probably hoping that once I cut my hair I will turn in Charlize or Cameron. What does everyone think? I just can't decide....HELP!


Patience Roney said...

I love short hair. My hubby is also a fan. I did the Jennifer Aniston haircut and loved it. I was thinking about doing that for summer. I think you should do it. I recently colored my hair dark. After ten years of being blonde, I decided to go dark. Its hair, we can grow, cut, color, or do whatever we like, and if we dont like it, then just change it. I think you should take the risk. If you do it, I would love to see it.

Mrs. Dub said...

i'm having the same dilemma. am i just bored or would i really prefer short hair? i feel like i'll go for the plunge since i'm getting less obese, and need a change. we'll probably just grow it back after a while, but it's fun to enjoy the ride.

my only concern is finding the right cut and the right stylist to execute it.

maybe we could go together for the big cut!

Laurel Shiner said...

I love your hair and think it looks great long or short. I would go short for awhile...that is especially fun for the summer...maybe do the Jennifer A (after all you practically know her).

Mandee said...

Do it! And then post a picture of it!

Kendee said...

Super cute haircuts. I see no harm in trying it out. Do it, do it, do it...(I am still chanting). Maybe afterwards you will have to redo your look-alike thing and see if you get a perfect match on Cameron.