What is your nickname?

I love nicknames. I think they are so endearing. I have given out some nicknames to family and friends that have stood the test of time. For Example:

Brandon is now BEEZER (his pre-school teacher calls him beezer too, sorry Beezer)

Kathy is now KATARINA

Collette is now COCO

Amber is now BAM BAM
Tom is now THUMB (newly listed!)

I have a couple nicknames....CHI CHI, Raquelita, Chel, Rach, Rachie, Cheechers, Punta Gorda, Tuna. (most of these are given to me by my sister Amber)

We call Holland...Bug, CuddleBug, Bugaboo, Sweetie, Sweetheart, and Gunka Lou (that one came out of nowhere)

We call Ethan...Cutie, Eth, Ethan Pethan, Cutie Patutie Baby Boy, Little, and Gunka (weird, I know)

What are some of your nicknames?


Sarah said...

Butch, doog, dooogy, mcgee, buddy, sarah boo, sarebear, sarah bean, and dooogy miser.
Most of those are ones Ryan gives me.
Lucas- Luc, Roofus, Mister Magelacutee, Monkey, Little man, and buddy.PoDunk, Crap face(Bret calles him that, its kinda mean) and Little feller
Harrison- Harry, Mister Magoo, Chuck, "H" and Harold
Ryan- Muffin, Honey

Sarah said...

Harry is still developing nicknames. He's only 2 1/2 months old.

Laurel Shiner said...

Well I was sad to see that you call Holland Bug or Bugaboo because that is what I call Liam...I wondered where I heard that name. Now that I know its origin I am pretty sure I copied you...my nickname is Laurie or LoLo...Tom's is skinner or thumb (thanks to you).

Coco said...

A lot of people have tried to give me nicknames because we can't really shorten Collette into a nickname, Coco is the only one that stuck and Tim loves that one. Good job with a cool kickname! :)

Mrs. Dub said...

my lil' is currently being called punkin, punk, goofer, goofy-toofy, whiney-butt and booger face.

Katerina said...

Hey you took mine! My is Kat Katerina, or Kataria or even Kath
and my dad calls me Paluka

Alifinale said...

I couldn't resist - I had to comment! I love nickname even though I never got any good ones myself. (Alifinale came because I was my moms 8th and final child) My sister-in-law has the most with brrr, small beeta, burrito, blotoe, bloated, bilini, bandita. I kind of feel bad for some of them - but I didn't start it. The best nicknames come from kids who can't say the name correctly, thus my husband is Boy-Ya.

Mandee said...

We've had the most fun with Jack- Lubs, which was shortened from chub-a-lubs, squishy, smooshy, marshmellow, munka-lunka-lunka (I made up a song that goes with that one). Max has always been Buzzy, and poor Charlie... we call him Chars and Monkey. My nickname was Bug when I was little, and then my older brother gave named me "the bain chainda", then it was "that chainda". I have no idea where it came from.

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