Halloween every day...

We celebrated Halloween, like, ten times this year. Here are the photos for all to enjoy!
Church Halloween Party

Halloween Baking
(click here for the best sugar cookie recipe)

Pre-School Halloween Day

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Trick or Treating in Village Square

(Buzz and Lightning McQueen's driver discussing the upcoming election)
The Real Halloween

(we forgot to put on Holland's shoes; no wonder she was walking around the neighborhood so slow)

Halloween Breakfast

How many times did you put a costume on your kid this year?


Sarah said...

To many times...costumes ON AND OFF ON AND OFF ON AND OFF.

Laurel said...

How fun! We only put our costumes on once this year...probably 'cause my kid had no idea what Halloween was until we went treat or treating.

Paige said...

I only had a costume on Kinsey twice and both times were on the actualy day of Halloween. I love all your kid's costumes and get-up. Super cute. I almost got a horse for Kinsey just for the heck of it. Holland will probably get a ton of use out of it!

Lissie said...

Carving pumpkins on the floor! What a great idea!!

Beckie said...

totally SO many Halloween things!
Marlee just put on a different costume for each event.

Very cute pictures. Your kids were so cute dressed up on the preschool day.I Love their shirts and hollands hair tie.

NatRat said...

By the time Halloween is over, I am read to put those costumes away...no more putting costumes on. Your kids costumes are darling and looks like you had a great Halloween season.

shontz said...

i can't believe how big your kids are! do you remember 2 years ago at our halloween birthday bash all of them crawling all over the floor? they're looking so super cute! happy halloween!

Auntie K said...

I didn't change at all! The kids look so cute!

The Larsen's said...

Your kids looks so cute. I think they win the best dressed award...for Halloween and everyday.
Great idea to carve pumpkins on the floor! Doesn't get all over the floor anyway?

Anne's Little Life said...

Three times for us. I love it though. Halloween is only once a year and then it ends, so you might as well milk it.