Happy Birthday Little Sister

Happy Birthday Sarah!
I still remember you when you were this little. I love being your older sister
I will always remember when I sprayed hairspray in your eyes
I will always remember when you would borrow my clothes without asking
I will always remember our late night talks in our bedroom
I will always remember getting you ready for your school dances
I love you.
Happy 27th little sister!
p.s. don't you love mom's shoes in the back? I think I own a pair like that.


Sarah said...

OH!!! I remember taking your clothes...everything you had was so fashionable and still is! If you lived close by I'd probably still take them...lol. I also remember when we shared a room you talked and walked in your sleep...LOL LOL!! Oh man that was funny. And I always looked so good when you would try out your lastest hairdo on me. Remember the french braid from one ear to the other? THANK YOU! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAYS! LOVE YOU TOO!!

Laurel said...

very sweet..happy b-day sister.

Laurel said...

P.S. I like how you both are so fashionably dressed.

Mandee said...

That is the cutest picture of you Rachie! Happy Birthday Sarah!

Roney Clan said...

I love the picture. You guys are so adorable

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

how fun that I'm almost the same exact age as your sister sarah! (since my 27th b-day was on nov. 25)